Centennial Grading System

Dax Thomas, Staff Writer

Here at Centennial Junior High School do we have a good grading system? In our school  a 100 percent to 90 percent is an A grade. Anywhere from 90 percent from 80 percent is a B grade. From 80 percent to a 70 percent is a C grade. From 70 percent to 60 percent. Anything from 60 percent and below is an F grade. If a student has a grade above a C  and above is considered passing.  This system is called the letter grading system. Let’s look at the Pro and Cons of this grading system.

Some pros to using our grading system at Centennial is Infinite Campus. Every Monday during the homeroom class period kids are asked to check their grades. Through the Infinite campus website kids can check their grades. Not only can kids see their letter grades, but they can see what they are missing, if they got a good grade on something, or if they got a bad grade on something. Not only can kids see their own grades on Infinite Campus, but they can see their schedule as well as their attendance, and a school calendar. The app also does many more things. Kids aren’t the only ones who use the website. Teachers are the ones supplying the website with the kids grades that they can easily enter into the website. Teachers can also update attendance. Parents can also use the website to check on their child’s school life. This website has been used by Centennial for some time now and there seem to be little to no problems about it.

Our grading system may work for students, teachers and parents. This  does not mean that there are not  better grading systems out there, or ways we can improve our grading system. An article done by “Hangover Research”  by Independent School Administration Practice, explains that a kid’s ability to get work done is not the only thing schools should look at. They explain how any kid can get their work done and turned, a report card can look good. The article explains a report card wont show parents their kids behavior. A kid could be smart but if they had no respect, self-awareness and control.

All in All, our grading system here at Centennial is very solid and works for the parents, students, and teacher. There are things we could upgrade on to make our school and the grading system better.