Why Kids Spend Big Money for Big Brands?

Thomas Valdez, Staff Writer

From Nike to Gucci, kids today spent hundreds of dollars on designer brands. But why? Kids today spend anywhere from $150 to $1000 on shoes! Kids spend all of their allowance  money on a new pair of Jordans to look cool in front of their peers. Today the more expensive the clothes the cooler the person. 

Even first graders have shoes over $100. Kids and adults in this new decade have clothing. Eighth grader Corbin Alan Dow says “kids spend big money because they want their stuff to last longer. He says that it also is a social symbol. When playing sports it is important to have good equipment and when you have good equipment it can intimidate the opposing players.” 

This year the most popular shoes for basketball are the Paul George 4’s. These cost around $130. But some other big shoes this year are the Air Force 1, Nike SB Chunky Dunky, and the $25,000 Dior Jordan 1’s. Not very many kids can afford these sneakers but many adults have purchased these very expensive sneakers. 

Kids today spend hundreds of dollars on clothes from designer brands as a social symbol. When a kid has nice clothing or footwear it draws more attention to them. For example when you walk into school with a new pair of shoes people notice and start asking about them. They will ask how much they were, where you got them, and this feels good especially if you don’t usually get attention. 

Clothing that is more expensive usually holds up for a lot longer than Walmart clothing. This is why kids and their parents spend hundreds of dollars on good sports equipment, it will last longer and can sometimes improve performance.

The majority of people prefer to wear Nike clothing over other brands. Nike has a wide range of products, from $25,000 shoes to $20 shoes. You can find Nike clothing just about anywhere. This makes the Nike brand easy to access. They also produce a wide range of sports equipment and have partnered with many popular athletes and influencers. Nike has sponsored people from Michael Jordan to Travis Scott. 

There are many reasons for people to buy expensive clothing but kids especially do this to get more attention and to seem cooler in front of their friends. Now the more expensive the clothes the cooler the kid.