Should the Astros be Stripped of Their World Series Title

Brody Parks, Staff Writer

The 2017 World Series was played between October 24th and November 1st 2017. The Los Angeles Dodgers and the Houston Astros played during this series. The World Series is a 7 game series between the American league pennant winner and the National League pennant winner. The Astros ended up winning it all in Game 7. But in January 2020 the MLB launched an investigation and they got caught for cheating in the 2017 World Series. They cheated because they had a camera that live streamed into the astros clubhouse and dugout. The camera pointed at the catcher and whenever the catcher would give the pitch sign to the pitcher the Astros would stream it into their dugout and steal it. They banged on a trash can and there were many different banging noises that would indicate what pitch the pitcher was about to throw. It was also a theory that they were also wearing buzzers under their jerseys to steal signs. This theory came after Jose Altuve the Astros 2nd baseman hit a walk off home run against the New York Yankees to send them to the World Series again in 2019. After he hit it the team was going wild and it’s always a tradition to meet the player who hit it at home plate. The team tried ripping off his jersey but he told them not to which is how the theory came up. There are also many pictures from many different players from many different teams and these pictures make it look like there is something under their jersey that looks like a buzzer with a wire. The consequences from them cheating weren’t as harsh as some people wanted. Many people believe that they should be stripped of their World Series title and it should be given to the Dodgers. The team was instead fined 5 million dollars, the GM (General Manager) was suspended and then later fired, the manager was suspended then fired, they lost draft picks, and many more people were suspended/fired. Many other teams wanted to get revenge on the Astros. Astros hitters got hit by many pitches in 2021. The Astros got hit 7 times just in Spring Training. After they kept getting hit, the MLB commissioner said that if it continued there would be consequences for the teams that continued to intentionally hit Astros batters. Many think that they should be stripped of the World Series title because it wasn’t fair to the other teams competing in the 2017 postseason. Although they think that some people think they should but it shouldn’t be given to the Dodgers because it could have been another team in the World Series that could have beat them like the New York Yankees. And then there are the people who believe they shouldn’t be stripped of their title because they won and they think that if they didn’t cheat the Astros still would have won because they are a great team. Many people favored the Astros in the World Series but quickly after the MLB completed their investigation, they became the most hated team in the league. Although they were fined 5 million dollars which seems like a lot of money isn’t really to an organization who just won a World Series. According to CBS sports, “Astros players took home a then-record $30,420,155.57 postseason pool in 2017, and, given how that is calculated and the fact the Astros played seven games in the ALCS and World Series, it means the club itself took home something well north of that following the 2017 postseason run. The $5 million fine amounts to only a small piece of that pie.”