Service Dogs in School

Do they actually do their job or are they just an excuse for teachers to have their pets at school?

Tristyn Buss, Staff Writer

Most people don’t think about a service dogs job often. They are just animals in the building. Cute and cuddly, but what do they actually do? 

Service dogs are often placed into schools to help students emotionally, or even physically. As defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), “service dogs are individually trained to perform specific tasks and to work with people with disabilities. … The work of the service dog must be directly related to the handler’s disability. These are just some of the things a service dog can do.” Servicing is a hard job. Some people don’t believe a dog can do the job. But dogs and all service animals can come through though. 

According to the responses from a survey in Mrs. Lambs Language Arts Extensions Class, students said, “They go through training classes and have to be able to do things for their certain specialty.” This is exactly how the ADA defines service dogs. other people have said “ They are trained to be mellow, not to show aggression, and to be helpful.” Overall, People in this class think service animals are trained to be hardworking, loyal, and without aggression. This would be true, of course. A dog cannot be trained to help people with anxiety if they are barking all the time at little things such as mice or birds. 

At Centennial Jr. High school, there is a service dog named Artemis (Arty). Students and teachers rely on her to keep all of the students she sees in line and cooperative. Mrs. Jensen, a 7th grade science teacher in the raptor core says, “I’ve seen kids’ whole demeanor change when they are around Arty. Kids that I thought would never change have changed in an instant when they are around her.” This is also the same with some other responses gathered.

A question was brought up about whether another service animal could be better than a dog. This was vetoed by the 7th grade Language Arts Extensions teacher. Mrs. Dow reports, “I think kids are most comfortable with dogs.” She also says, “dogs are a good fit for a school and are human friendly.” I also agree with the fact that no other animal could top off the performance of a service dog.

Some think that teachers, policemen, and firefighters have service dogs only for the reason that they want their dog at school with them. Most teachers are guilty of this, but later on, they realize that a black lab service dog isn’t only a black lab, a teacher, or cop, or even firefighter take with them, but a highly trained black lab that has enough passion to keep a person happy, or safe to walk across the street, or the ability to catch bad people. They have enough gumption to make the world a better place away from all the bad people, or help all of the people who can’t see, or control their emotions, or don’t realize what they can actually do with their life if they actually try.

Another example from the Polls, are from a great guy known as the monkey King! “Bruh Innoawoh Ryan Rose” This shows that he is very happy to help the ongoing problem of people not liking service dogs. His perseverance will come through and everybody will trust him to help us trust service dogs again.

So no,  service dogs are not just a way for teachers to sneak their animals to work, they are much more than that, and I hope you know that. Service dogs are known for helping the human race, and we need to now accept that and let them prove themselves to us as loyal and strong.