How does coffee in the morning benefit you?


Lochlan Byrnes, Staff Writer

What coffee does for you in the morning. As many people might not know coffee in the morning can help you during the day and later in life.

First, coffee can help improve your physical performance. Let’s say you have a basketball game and you drink a cup of black coffee. By drinking the coffee before the game your performance can improve by  11 to 12%. The caffeine will boost your adrenaline levels in your blood therefore help you prepare for your physical exertion.

Second, Coffee helps your stay alert and focused. By drinking one to six cups of coffee you can stay more aware of what you are doing. In addition, coffee can help with depression and may lower the your risk of suicide.

Also, drinking coffee can lower your chances of getting type two diabetes.Caffeine decreases your insulin sensitivity and impairs glucose tolerance, which lowers your chances of getting type two diabetes.

 Although, there are many positives in drinking coffee, there are still some negatives. If you drink 60-100 cups of coffee in a short period of time you could die but I doubt that anyone would drink that much coffee. Another disadvantage to drinking coffee is that bad coffee is toxic. Bad coffee can cause sickness, headache, and a general bad feeling. Also if kids have too much caffeine they could have increased anxiety, increased heart and blood rate. 

On the other hand, Drinking coffee can lower your risk of death. Studies show that coffee drinkers overall risk of premature deaths is 25% lower than non coffee drinkers. Furthermore, coffee can burn body fat. Caffeine helps fat cells break down body fat and use it as fuel for training which could improve whatever you are doing.

Drinking coffee may also lower your risk of having a stroke. Having two to four cups of coffee is associated with a lower risk of a stroke. Coffee is healthy for your heart. Coffee drinkers have a 20% lower risk of getting heart disease. It helps because it may support heart health by protecting against arterial damage caused by inflammation. These are just some of the benefits of drinking coffee in the morning to learn more go to 12 HEALTH BENEFITS AND 6 DISADVANTAGES OF COFFEE – SMASHING IT!