Should snacks be allowed in classes

Snacks in class?

Wyatt Fehringer, Staff Writer

Have you ever felt hungry during school but lunch is still an hour away? The 8th graders at this school have to suffer through this feeling. But this could be helped and it is avoidable. The teachers might not like the way that I have in mind. But in order to help the 8th grade hunger we must address the problem and fix it. We should be able to have snacks in class before lunch.

If students don’t eat something during the day before lunch many will find themselves getting distracted therefor suffering the fact that less learning will occur. If teachers allowed snacks in a classroom the students would pay more attention because the students wouldn’t be paying attention to how hungry they are. Soron Olsen states that, “My stomach growls so loudly that sometimes I am incapable of hearing the teacher and it affects my learning, I am incapable of thinking of an empty stomach”, after he was asked if he gets distracted during class due to hunger and why. This shows that when the teachers do not allow snacks the students will learn less.

If students get hungry they will just try to eat snacks anyways. When students get hungry they have a naturally given reaction to find something to eat. When asked what he does when he gets hungry during class Soren Olsen responded, “If I brought food I would eat it”. Showing that students will ignore the rule to fix their hunger.

The poll results showed that 78.3% of students that took the survey said that we should be able to have snacks in class. All of the students also included a reason why they should be able to have snacks. The majority of the reasoning was saying that we should because of the lunch time. One person even said, “Food=Life” which both Soron and Ryan Sparby agree with.

Some people say that we should not have snacks during class because of responsibility issues. This is true that some 8th graders do share food whenever their friends didn’t bring some. However, if snacks in the classroom were allowed then students would be encouraged to bring their own snacks more, decreasing the amount of sharing. There is also the fact multiple of the snacks that students bring are pre-packaged snacks meaning it is safe to share as long as it hasn’t been opened.