Should Hats and Hoods be Allowed in School


Jackson Frederick, Staff Writer

Lots of people around the school are always walking around the school with their hats and hoods on, and outside people put them back on so I ask should hats and hoods be allowed in schools

One of the main points The Wildcat Voice  is that school is a professional environment but school is a place of learning and if a student has a hood or a hat they might be able to focus better and be able to get more from school then just wandering around school mindlessly. This new rule of wearing hats and hoods would bring life to Centennial and people would be happy to go to school and would be excited to learn.

 My last reason is that kids usually wear hats and hoods outside of school so they are used to it and taking that away can make some students uncomfortable and make them perform differently in school. Also on a cold day in the winter hats and hoods would be needed for warmth.

According to a study by The Wildcat Voice there are three reasons why hoods and hats aren’t allowed: one is some teachers believe it’s disrespectful and that it’s harder to make eye contact with their students. But there are also many positives to being able to wear your hoods in class such as some kids feel more comfortable wearing their hats or hoods which might cause them to be happier to do more work and try harder in class. Being able to wear hoods would also boost everyone’s happiness.

Overall my point is that hats and hoods could benefit Centennial by boosting people’s confidence and making people comfortable which would help push them toward success and making them happier to go to school.