All About Tennis


Harper Klinger, Staff Writer

When talking about tennis, there is LOTS to talk about. There’s racquets, tennis balls, and much more! When it comes to the best places to play tennis, there are many great places but here are some of the best. Some of the best pro tennis players are from around the world. I would love to see some of the pros play someday! Stick around, and read about some of the best places to play, equipment and more! 

The basics of tennis start at getting a racquet and some balls. Lots of people use the Wilson Sporting Goods Equipment. The racquets normally rage around $50-$250 depending on the racquet and the brand. Honestly for tennis balls any of the more known ones like Wilson, Prince, or Penn are really great choices. One can of tennis balls normally costs around $3-$5. When most people play tennis, they like to use specific shoes for tennis because you can get more of a grip on the ground. Some of the best brands to buy shoes are any of the Wilson, Prince, or Adidas. The price for shoes really depends on the type of shoe and the brand but normally ranges from about $50-$150. 

Some of the best places to play are in the Cayman Islands and in Vail, Colorado. These places are the best  because the courts are very fun to play on and the weather in the summer is perfect to play tennis. These places are also very fun because they both had clay courts to play on which is very fun. There are 3-4 different types of tennis courts that are played on. There are concrete courts, clay courts, grass courts, and some indoor courts are a type of plastic or a fabric feel to it. Also, most of the indoor courts are concrete courts. The most common colors on a concrete tennis court are blue and green, but there are many different colors that can be customized. Grass courts are always green because they are grass. Clay courts are mostly a red clay color. On most tennis courts there are scorecards that sit on one side of the posts on the net. The scorecards are used to keep the score while playing tennis. 

There are about 1,814 pro tennis players in the world. The number one player in the world for the mens is Novak Djokovic from Siberia. The number one player in the world for women’s is Ashleigh Barty from Australia. Lots of people’s favorite tennis player is Roger Federer who is from Switzerland. Roger Federer was the number one player in the world for a total of 310 weeks, which is about 5 years. Federer has the longest streak of weeks in number one in the world! Another favorite player Rafael Nadal who is from Spain. Nadal is the player with the second highest streak in the world for most weeks. Nadal’s streak is 196 weeks.  

Unfortunately, the only indoor place to play tennis in Casper (the WAC) got closed down last year and there are no other indoor places to play in town. If you are looking to get into tennis unfortunately you will have to wait till summer to start due to the closing. Many people are hoping the building gets opened again sometime soon. In the summer when tennis starts back up again, there are courts up at the Casper Country Club. If you want to get into tennis lessons talk to one of the coaches in the summertime to start.  

In conclusion, tennis is a sport that many people play and love. Tennis is a very fun sport to play, and takes lots of work!