What Sport is your Favorite?


Dylan Miner, Staff Writer

    As many of you know, sports are a huge part of many people’s lives and everyday activities. Sports can vary greatly from people of ages from 8-70. Sports and recreational activities are a great way to stay healthy and to stay active. Students took a survey yesterday to ask some Centennial students about what their favorite sports are. There were a total of 76 responses for the Google Form quiz. The highest percentage of people’s favorite sport was baseball with the total amount of votes being 18.4%. Out of all of the 76 responses, the responses also showed many people who said that they do not like sports, this consisted of 7.9% of the total submissions that were received. Therefore, out of all 76 responses that were received from this Google Form, six people answered that they do not like sports. This goes to show many of Centennial Students do in fact participate in sports or other recreational activities.

To further demonstrate my Google Form responses, there were a total of nine different options that were included for people to choose their favorite sport from. Out of the total  amount of responses, fourteen people chose baseball as their favorite, nine people chose football, ten people chose basketball, nine people chose volleyball, three people chose golf, six people chose soccer, six people chose track and field, thirteen people said that their favorite sport was not listed, and as previously stated, six people said that they do not like sports or other recreational activities. The students also gave responses that said some of their other favorite sports included downhill skiing, swimming, mountain biking, hockey, etc. From this information, it demonstrates that there are many different sports that you can participate in and it also shows how many people have different preferences in the activities they do.