The Problem With the Gaming Community

Gaming Stereotypes

Aliza Nevarez, Staff Writer

Nowadays gaming is a very popular activity that many people in this generation participate in. People of all ages and genders play video games but, that doesn’t mean that everyone agrees with everyone playing video games. Girls playing games is a huge ‘problem’ with many people all over. 

Every day many females all around the world experience sexist jokes and comments about their everyday life. One very sexist topic is females playing video games. Although this may not seem like a very big deal, young kids are surrounded by these comments that people are constantly making. Kids at very young ages play video games, and these kids can talk to strangers all around the world. These kids are being surrounded by rude, sexist comments and jokes constantly. These kids are constantly repeating these comments and jokes not knowing what they are saying or the impact they have, or even why what they’re saying is wrong. 

Many eighth grade girls who attend Centennial and play xbox say that they have experienced many sexist jokes and comments because of the fact that they are a girl playing video games. An eighth grade girl, who asked to be anonymous said, “in public games and parties I won’t turn on my mic because when I turn on my mic all I constantly hear are sexist jokes.” She was then asked what people say, and responded with, ”It’s usually just random things saying that I shouldn’t be playing video games or telling me to get back to the kitchen and jokes like that.” She said that this makes her extremely mad because she doesn’t see how her gender can affect her ability to play video games, and that just because she is a girl doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be allowed to do something that she likes.

Most girls who would be asked if people were sexist towards females playing video games say yes. Although one girl said, “It is just a joke, those boys never mean what they say, they are just joking around. Girls need to learn that not everything is serious.” 

Although this may be true the other girls said, “whether it is a joke or not it is not okay to make sexist jokes, it is extremely rude and disrespectful to make those kinds of jokes and it is plainly not okay.” Although some people may be joking, is it really okay for those people to be making those kinds of jokes and comments?

Now that many girls have been asked whether or not this is okay or if they found it offensive that boys were constantly making these comments, a boy at Centennial was asked, do you think that girls are being constantly attacked by males commenting sexist jokes about females playing video games? He responded with, “Yes, because it is constantly being said and it is not fair to the girls, it is not okay for girls to be constantly violated because of their gender. Just because they are a female does not mean that they are bad at video games, your gender does not affect that.” 

Another boy at Centennial was asked what he thought about the situation and he said, “It is simply a joke, girls need to learn that it is just a joke. Everyone makes those kinds of jokes. I don’t understand what the big deal is.”

Although there are very different points of views on the topics we still need to educate kids on it. Most kids are completely unaware that because they are making a harmless joke it can actually be very offensive. Although we can not fix the problem over night we should at least educate kids on it so it is no longer such a big problem.