Would you support this controversial school system?


Soren Olson, Staff Writer

Would you support a new radically different school system? This new system is based on the bestselling book series the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. The idea that is trying to be proposed is that there is a fight to the death with one person from each grade from each school will compete in a competition similar to that of the system from the book (one person from each district fight to the death), teachers can also be picked or you could be volunteered by your classmates.

This would benefit the school by implementing a survival of the fittest type of system into the curriculum making it so that the smartest and fittest students will survive; this makes it into a natural system close to that of nature making the school system better.

Some people think that this would negatively affect the community and make people not want to come to school but this would also motivate people to do better and strive to succeed so they could do better in the games. Some of the quotes saying it is bad ¨Seems like a bad idea. Everyone has their own strength and some people don’t have those. Also, school is not for fighting to the death and it’s for learning,¨ said Sarah Norcross. While this is a valid point, this goes back to survival of the fittest, and while student does fight to the death, that does not mean learning is not happening, some of the things you do in the games will be academically oriented so that its not only the yolked people who win the games each time. You could also implement a respawn system so that you are only punished by losing the games, however, this would remove the survival of the fittest aspect.

Would you support this new system? Would you change anything about the system?