Is Tom Brady the greatest of all time?

Kaecen Paden, Staff Writer

There are many many people that could be considered the greatest football player of all time. But according to the stats, no one could top Tom Brady. He is without a doubt, the GREATEST of all time.

According to Bleacher Report, the number one quarterback is Tom Brady, and the number two is Joe Montana. Now lets compare the stats. Joe Montana, the 15 season quarterback that played with the 49ers has good stats, but only one tops Brady’s. Joe Montana has a 63.24 pass completion percentage, while Brady has a 63.96. Joe Montana has 40551 total passing yards, while Brady has a whopping 79204. Joe Montana has 273 career touchdown passes, while Brady has 581 touchdown passes. Now we go to the only stat that is better than Brady’s. Joe Montana has thrown 139 interceptions, while Brady has thrown 191. Now towards the end of the list, Joe Montana has a passer rating of 92.3, while Tom Brady has a passer rating of 97.3. All of those stats add up to being one of the best.

During the playoffs, the pressure is unreal. The top two playoff quarterbacks are again, Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. and Joseph Clifford Montana. Once again, the stats add up to Brady being the best. Joe Montana is 16/7 with a .696 win percentage in the playoffs. Now on the other hand, Brady is 34/11 with a .756 win percentage. Now to the important part, Super Bowls. Joe Montana has made it to four Super Bowls and has won all four and has three Super Bowl MVPs. Now onto the GOAT Brady. Brady has made it to ten Super Bowls and won seven of them, and won Super Bowl MVP for five of them. Thomas Brady comes on top again, and does best under pressure.

In the end, after all the stat add ups and playoff stats, Thomas Brady is without a doubt, the GREATEST NFL player of all time. I do not think anyone will be able to top Brady even in the next 10-15 years. Adding on, Mrs Lamb’s semester two classes took a survey on Tom Brady given by google forms, and the results went the way it should have. Twenty-four people said “Yes”, sixteen people said “No”, and thirty-five people said “I don’t like/watch football”.