What Centennial Thinks about Star Wars

Owen Putnam, Staff Writer

As any Star Wars fan would know, many people have different opinions about the movies and characters. Depending on if you like gun fights, lightsaber fights, fist fights, or just a good storyline, you might not like some movies as much as others. 

In February 2021, I had the opportunity of making a survey by Google Forms for about 100 people whose results are nothing but surprising.  The results were in a pie chart format. Half of the people who took the survey said that they don’t care about voting on which Star Wars movie they think is the best. Out of the remaining percent of people, 12.5% say that the third movie, Star Wars The Revenge of the Sith is the best. The third best movie, according to the voters, is the first movie from 1977, A New Hope. 

The next portion of the survey had the people vote on which characters are the best. Again, the majority of the people voted “I don’t care”. Next on the list, 10% of voters chose Yoda as the best character. There are two characters that tied for second place, who are Chewbacca and R2-D2.

The final part of the survey was about the few spin off series to the Star Wars universe. This one only had three choices. 61% of voters chose “The Mandalorian.” The next two were “Star Wars Rebels”, and finally “The Clone Wars.”

A true Star Wars fanatic would have made a connection between the top results. Yoda was the top character, and Star Wars three was the top movie. The third Star Wars happens to be the movie where Yoda is on screen the most, and he has a really cool fighting scene. “The Mandalorian” was picked the most because it is the most known and the newest series in the Star Wars universe. 

Based on this information, the school of Centennial in Casper, Wyoming tends to like lightsaber fights and good characters in Star Wars.