Why the Sequels are the worst/useless Star Wars films!


Ryan Rose, Staff Writer

Going into the movie theater toward the end of the year to watch a high production Star Wars film is one of the best feelings. But even better when you are watching the movie it’s amazing, at first. For example, the most recent Star Wars film The Rise of Skywalker when I first watched it and for weeks after I thought it was a good movie, I thought it was a good ending to the saga. But the more I thought about it the more I realized how terrible it was, how terrible the whole trilogy was. And if you really think about it, it kinda ruins the whole point of the previous six movies. Just to show how poorly planned this trilogy is, they didn’t plan the three movies, they just went one at a time and planned them as they went. I’m going to say that again so you can really grasp that; they didn’t plan out a trilogy, they knew they were going to make three movies but they didn’t plan what they were going to be. DISNEY PLANNED ON MAKING THREE MOVIES THAT ARE CONNECTED BUT DIDN’T PLAN ON HOW TO CONNECT THE THREE MOVIES. BUT TO MAKE IT WORSE THE MOVIES HAD DIFFERENT DIRECTORS SO NO ONE HAD ANY IDEA WHAT THEY WERE DOING. Let’s break this whole ordeal down one movie at a time.


The Force Awakens is a pretty good movie. This might come as a shock because of what I’ve said previously but standing alone this introduced the potential of a really good trilogy. It shows plenty of good attributes making it a good film. For example, The Force Awakens  sets up so many mysteries and questions to be solved and answered in later movies. Who are Rey’s parents? Who is Snoke? Where is Luke and why did he put himself in isolation? Who is Captain Phasma? But sadly the later movies just throw these concepts away. Before I move onto the problems with The Last Jedi I have to mention how in A New Hope when the empire blows up Alderaan it shows how the galaxy is shaken, how the rebel alliance grows because of it, and how the rest of the galaxy mourns the deaths of millions of innocent lives. But when the final order blows up about 15 planets at the same time killing billions, the rest of the galaxy is like Ya whatever, it’s cool.” It makes no sense. And one more thing near the end of the movie Kylo Ren and Finn face off. The problem with this is that Finn survives just barely injured. You’re telling me that a sith lord who was trained for years who is also enraged with anger because he’s facing off with a traitor and that traitor has zero training with a lightsaber holds his own against him. But the thing that really gets me going is that Kylo doesn’t kill him he attacks Finn with his lightsaber but he doesn’t kill him. But now onto The Last Jedi.


When The Last Jedi came out in theaters it quickly became the worst Star Wars movie and received a lot of backlash from fans. Notice how I said it was the worst, until The Rise of Skywalker but we’ll get to that later. Before I get into why the movie is bad I’ll give some context. After the Force Awakens came out Disney thought it would be a good idea to hire Rian Johnson to direct The Last Jedi without having a plan, again. But Rian I guess hated the previous director (J.J. Abrams) and his decisions because Rian threw almost every mystery and plot element from The Force Awakens. For example, questions like who is Snoke? Eh doesn’t matter, he’s dead. Who’s captain phasma? Eh doesn’t matter, they’re dead. What will happen when Rey meets Luke? Eh doesn’t matter, Luke doesn’t care. Why is Luke alone? Eh doesn’t matter, Lukes not alone he’s in a village. Who are Rey’s parents? Eh doesn’t matter, they were nobody. You see what I mean if The Force Awakens was building something up The Last Jedi threw it away. But of course this gets much worse in the final movie. Something that really disappoints me is that throughout the trilogy they mess up Finn the most. He was a really cool concept, a baby taken at birth to serve as a soldier for an empire he and his family have nothing to do with. Who then inevitably escapes to fight against the only thing he knows. Pretty cool right? Well after The Force Awakens Rian J and Disney have no idea what to do with him. For example, I would think Finn has experienced the horrors of war. Ya know, maybe because he was taken from his family as a child and has also been on the battlefield. Before I talk about how they messed up Finn we need to talk about Rose. The main reason Rian Johnson was chosen to direct The Last Jedi was because according to the head of Lucas film, Kathleen Kenedy, Rian writes “strong female characters.” Which is ironic because the main struggle of The Last Jedi is the female characters. This brings us to Rose, her main objective for this story is to take Finn away from the rest of the movie to show him that war is bad. Yup, her whole purpose in the story is to show the child of war that war is bad. Well I guess that’s not her only purpose, she is also there to give Finn another love interest. This also is another ridiculous thing about Finn he has WAY too many love interests throughout these movies. He first starts with Rey, then Rose, then Jannah in The Rise of Skywalker. None of these relationships ended badly, it’s just Disney didn’t plan out their trilogy and end up giving Finn a new love interest in every movie. Now we have to talk about what we’ve all been dreading: The Rise of Skywalker.


The Rise of Skywalker fooled me. It tricked me. For a while I thought this movie was good, I didn’t think it was amazing but I thought it was ok. But if you think about anything in the movie logistically it’s a mess. Again The Rise of Skywalker has a new director, kinda. Disney brought J.J. Abrams back to direct the Rise of Skywalker And this is where the movies go from being mixed ideas to a fight between directors. You see J.J. directed The Force Awakens but then Rian was brought in to direct The Last Jedi. But that movie was such a flop and a disaster compared to The Force Awakens that Disney brought back J.J. to finish it out. Before when Rian threw away plot lines, Aberams brought all of them back. Aberams brought back plot lines that made no sense to come back so everything gets messy. For example, Aberams asked the question who are Rey’s parents? Rian changed this to Rey’s parents being nobody. Then Aberams came back with, well Rey’s parents are nobody but Rey’s parents’ parents was the evil sith lord Sheev Palpatine. Another example: Aberams built up the question, who is Snoke? Rian said nobody cares he’s dead and doesn’t matter. The Abrams responded with, actually Snoke is a clone of Palpatine who was made to control and manipulate Kylo Ren. It just gets really messy. The whole movie is messy there are so many plot holes, inconsistencies, and straight up logic issues. So let’s just start at the beginning. Problems start at the before the movie even starts with the opening crawl. It says “The dead speak! The galaxy has heard a mysterious broadcast, a threat of REVENGE in the sinister voice of the late EMPEROR PALPATINE.” You’re telling me they brought back the most important person in the entire saga, the person who started the saga off, the person who we last saw being blown up in space in a giant blue explosion. And he was just brought back off screen with no explanation. Great. This article is getting really long so it’s lighting round time BABEY! First, Poe is basically thrown away in the last two movies. All he really does is just fly around which brings us to our next topic Chewie. In all three movies he does nothing but fly around. I bet you can’t name one important thing he does in the Sequel trilogy. Which is sad because he was a main character in the og trilogy and now isn’t even a side character. Next up is Husk. Earlier I said Husk ordered the killing of billions of people, but in this movie he just swaps sides. NO reason. Swapsies. Next, we have all the logistic issues like: a dagger was made to locate the wayfinder. But this dagger was made with no directions, just the weird protractor thing. Note that it was made after the 2nd death star was blown up where a main piece of the death star is in a violent ocean with casual 50 ft waves . You’re telling me that for 30 years giant pieces of metal were sitting in a violent ocean and didn’t move!? Then some guy made a protractor attached to a knife with no directions where to STAND mind you. MAKES NO SENSE. But the protagonists did this to obtain the wayfinder, a program you plug in your ship so it can navigate an insane route to travel to an ancient hidden sith planet, of course Rey did this and it worked fine. But at the end of the movie when all seems lost reinforcements come to save the day. Specifically around 1000 ships. HOW DID THEY GET THROUGH THE CONVOLUTED SPACE ROUTE. Makes no sense. Sense I’m on the ending, the ending to this movie is so disappointing. If you don’t know at the end the jedi of the past come to power Rey to defeat Palpatine. The way they show this in the movie is a bunch of voices just tell her, that’s it. You can’t even recognize most of them. It would’ve been so much cooler if any appearance of jedi would’ve happened. I can describe multiple ways of the ending being more satisfying and a better conclusion to a 9+ movie franchise. While I’m on the topic of the ending of the movie. Rey and Ben kiss. Why is this a bad thing you ask? Disney didn’t think through anything. Brace yourself, Rey and Ben Solo are related. Yup, Rey is the granddaughter of Palpatine and Ben is the great grandson of Palpatine. Ew. I know this article is getting pretty long but if you can remember the start I said that this movie almost ruined the whole saga. What is Star Wars? Well before the most recent trilogy it was a story of a man named Anakin Skywalker, who was destined as the chosen one and to bring balance to the force. The way this is played out is Anakin is trained as a jedi but betrays the order and is turned to the dark side becoming Darth Vader. Then his son shows him the light inside him and Anakin redeems himself by saving Luke and defeating Palpatine. Again, by defeating the emperor (aka Sheev Palpatine) Anakin brings balance to the force fulfilling the prophecy as the chosen one. So when Disney brings back Palpatine it completely throws away the purpose of the last six films. However, there is a counter argument. This states that Anakin’s purpose as the chosen one is to bring Luke into the world so he can defeat Palpatine. This won’t work for THREE reasons: one, Luke doesn’t even defeat the Emperor Anakin does. Two, if Anakin’s job as chosen one is so that Luke can exist, then why isn’t his Grandpa’s Grandpa the chosen one? Three, if Anakin’s job as chosen one is so that Luke can exist, then why isn’t Luke the chosen one because let’s be honest the only other thing Anakin does is kill like thousands of people. Definitely not a bring balance to the force vibe. In conclusion, the Sequel trilogy slowly gets worse and worse the more you watch. There an embarrassment to film and a giant failure by Disney.