Which Football Team is the Best?

Ryan Sparby, Staff Writer

There are many teams that could be considered the greatest based on the current/former players, or the Super Bowl wins, and or records. Some say the Buccaneers, and some say Chiefs. But there’s no technical best NFL team because of everyone’s different opinion. So you could say Bucs, Chiefs, Pats to name a few.

According to the poll I set so far the Bucs and Chiefs are the top. Also according to CBS and NBC the Chiefs are the best from their record. But according to Super Bowl wins the Steelers and Patriots are tied for first. Lots of the votes on my poll say that they don’t like or watch football. But some say they’re the best based off of their Super Bowl wins which is technically correct and incorrect at the same time. It shows their team efforts but doesn’t show the single players accomplishments, and it doesn’t show their bad years only their good years. Patriots are one of the best according to their Super Bowl wins but most of their talent has left so it takes them out of the conversation. 

Also, the Steelers are out of the conversation because they haven’t shown good growth throughout the whole team and seasons. So that leaves the Bucs, Chiefs, Packers, and Bills. The Bills in many people’s opinions are not a super bowl caliber team but if some more wide receiver talent shows up many think they will be a super bowl caliber team. The Packers are good but not amazing and many think they are going to lose Aaron Rodgers to retirement soon so they won’t be as good. The Bucs are going to get worse because Brady is getting old for a quarterback and when he retires Gronkowski will probably go back into retirement. So the Chiefs will end up being the best team in the league which will affect the whole league.

So you could say any team is the best but according to lots of extensive research the Chiefs are the best team in the whole NFL. Everyone has their favorite team so really it could be any team. So asking a question like this is really opinionated so there is technically no correct or incorrect answer.