Is Volleyball well liked?

Madeline Ansley Stowe, Staff Writer

Volleyball is a very well known sport. But that doesn’t mean it is a very well liked sport. Most people find volleyball boring or too hard. Others find volleyball fun and is something they have played for a long time. Most guys found it boring and weird for a guy to play.

Centennial students were asked to fill out a survey asking if they liked volleyball and why or why not. The results were actually very surprising. Out of 78 responses 19 people said yes, 25 people said no, 20 people said kind of, 8 people said not really, and 6 people said “I don’t know.” The reasons were all very different. Some people said that they said “no” because they don’t like volleyball because it is boring or that they don’t know how to play it. Men who answered the survey said that they didn’t like volleyball because they are a guy.

From the survey, men seemed to not like volleyball and found it weird. But men from the other core seemed to really like volleyball. In my opinion Volleyball should be easier for guys than it should be for girls because men jump higher and generally are stronger than girls. In Casper it is somewhat competitive to get on teams here. The Centennial A team were girls who made a club team and got extra practice. In Casper there are no boys volleyball teams that I know of but I’m sure some teams accept some guys.  

Volleyball is easy if you play recreationally with few rules. Volleyball is widely known but mostly hard to understand without help or watching volleyball a lot.