Is it fair?

Miranda Yakel, Staff Writer

Dress code is a common discussion among teachers and students in NCSD along with other school districts. The question of should we have dress codes or how strict we should be about it is very controversial and opinion/experience based. In my surveys there was a common theme of males saying that the dress code was fair for all genders but most of the females said it wasn’t. An anonymous male student says, Both genders have certain areas that need to be covered”. While an anonymous female student says, “Females are examined more closely than the males are.”

Another question I asked in the survey was if they thought the school should be less strict with the dress code? A common theme between both genders is that they should be less strict with it. One of the students said, If we have a less strict dress code will some people start to dress more [inappropriate].”  A student that answered that they were not sure if they should be less strict said, “So people can wear what they like without having to worry about getting in trouble and taken out of their learning time for what they’re wearing.”  

The last question that I asked was if we should have a dress code. All of the students that responded said yes besides two. A student that answered no said, “Nobody’s gonna that bad of clothes to school”. While one student that voted yes said, “Because there are certain things that should not be worn and are going too far for school.” 

In conclusion the results say that we should keep a dress code, but not make it as strict. There were common answers between the genders. Dress code opinions really depend on past experiences and what a student has been through.