Will Brady bring the Bucs to win their first Super Bowl in their home stadium?

Landon Walker, Staff Writer

It may be hard to believe but there has never been a NFL team to win or even play in a Super Bowl at their home stadium. Until February 7, 2021 when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers face off against the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl fifty five at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers home stadium for the first time in NFL history. Tom Brady is a whopping forty three years old and still carrying his team to a Super Bowl win. The NFL was created August 20, 1920 and there have been fifty five Super Bowls and only 1 of which has been at a team’s home stadium because the location of the Super Bowl was decided 5 years before. 

Tom Brady has been playing in the NFL since about 2000 and won seven  Super Bowls and appeared at 10. This means that Tom Brady has about a 48% chance of making the Super Bowl. Tom Brady has in his career has won a total of 219 games. Tom Brady has the most Super Bowl wins out of any NFL player and is 43 years old.

NFL superstar tight end Rob Gronkawski has played with Tom Brady for eight years and has been a dynamic duo. Rob Gronkowski has won a total of 178 games in his career as well. Both Tom and Gronk’s reputation show how good they are.Tom Brady is known as one of the most famous or infamous quarterbacks of all time, it really just depends who you are talking to.

Without bias Tom is easily one of the best quarterbacks of all time.  Putting all of this data and evidence together it is fair to assume that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, based in Florida United states of America, have the advantage against the Kansas City Chiefs, based in Kansas City, Kansas.