High School: The Latest News

Tioga Bennett, Staff Writer

Many 8th grade students have recently decided which high school they’re going to. To figure out why they chose those high schools there was a poll created that asked which school they were going to and why. Eighty students responded to this survey and sixty-five of the students said Kelly Walsh and the most common reason was either they live close or their siblings go there.

Twelve of the students said Natrona County and the most common reason was they wanted to get away from everyone at Centennial. Two of the students chose Midwest and the most common reasons were great teachers. One of the students said I’m not sure with no extra response.

A few students were interviewed to see why they wanted to go to KW. One student, Amelia Bowden, says, “(KW) because I can’t really say why but NC is very far away and I live closer to KW, I am literally walking distance from the school. My sister also goes there.” 

Another student, Harper Klinger, says, “(KW) because my sister goes there and I live close.” Madeline Stowe says “(KW) because most of my friends go there and my mom works there and… my brother goes there and nicer people go there, less drugs, and less peer pressure.” 

Students who chose NC were interviewed and asked why they made that decision. One student, Miranda Yakel, says, “(NC) because I want to meet new people.” 

Another student, Kaecen Paden says, “(NC) Football. That’s all I care about, they have a better team.” 

Also Eddie Valdez says “(NC) My whole family went to NC, which is important to me.”

One “Midwest” student, Dylan Miner, says, “Be really good at sports and no one else goes there and I want to be unique.”

Although students can attend the smallest high school in Casper as ninth graders there were no students who registered for Roosevelt at this time, so there were no quotes from them.

That is the latest news on Casper high schools.