Should Tennis Be A Sport In Middle School?


Harper Klinger, Staff Writer

Do you think Tennis should be a sport in middle school? About 58% of people of the 17 people surveyed in 8th grade think there should be a season for tennis. About 41% think there should not be Tennis in middle school.

Of the 17 people that were surveyed seven that did not want tennis said that it would be too expensive to get rackets and balls also, someone said that it is too much work and it would not be fun.

Many think there should be tennis because there are lots of kids in middle school that most likely would sign up. Also, many people think that it is a very fun sport that is very active and keeps you moving a lot.

According to Owen Putnam, “yes because it could help inactive students more active and active students be a part of a team.” Also, according to Miranda Yakel, “yes because I think it would be fun and it is fun for all ages.”

In another interview with Amelia Bowden she said, “yes because it is a fun way to get moving outside in the summer instead of inside like basketball or volleyball you could play it with your friends or against your friends. It’s a great way to try something new and since it is a sport in high school and middle school tennis could be a great way to practice for it. Tennis is also a great exercise to stay in shape and is a great sport to play in general with your friends and family. It is also a year long sport and isn’t just in one season.”

Tioga Bennett said,” Swimmers travel to pools so tennis players could also travel for practice.”

This shows that many people think that tennis would be a great sport for middle school, and would be a very fun sport for middle school.