Influential Teachers


Sarah Norcross, Staff Writer

At Centennial, there are many amazing teachers that influence students’ lives. They make learning fun and make a positive learning environment.

Many different eighth grade students were asked what teachers they felt had influenced them the most throughout middle school. There were a few teachers that were brought up over and over again.

Mr. Walker is an eighth grade history teacher. He always has a positive attitude. Some students said that he tries to keep the class engaged and he helps students. One eighth grader just stated “He is awesome.”

Mr. Wiggins is a sixth grade social studies teacher. An old student said, “He is cool and really laid back; he still talks to me in the hallways. He knows how to motivate kids to do their work using fun and interactive lessons.” Someone else said, “He knows how to interact with kids.” 

Mr. Hinton is also an eighth grade history teacher. A student said “He is very good at what he does and handles kids very well and is very direct and on top of things while also being chill.” A student whom he coached when she was in seventh grade said, “even in volleyball when we messed something up he would never get mad but he would try to help and fix things we had done wrong. He is always super calm and puts passion and heart into everything he does.”

Mrs. Jackson is an eighth grade math teacher. One of her students said, “ She is very nice and is a very good teacher.” A teacher who works with her said, “She is fantastic to work with. She makes me feel like less of a teacher because of how hard she works.”

We are lucky to have these teachers at Centennial along with the many other teachers not mentioned here.