A Bad Day to Straighten Your Hair

by Isis Dollins  Centennial 7th Grader

Non-staff Contributor

This big disaster all started when my sister was talking to my mom and practically begging to be allowed to have a friend over.  It took my mom some really good negotiating  to agree because whenever my sister has friends over it always ends bad. They either break something, get in trouble, or just make a huge mess. My sister and her friends are just trouble.  So my sister, Lyric, promised to clean up messes and not to break anything or get into trouble. 

 After school that day my sister’s friend, Brooke, came home with Lyric.  She was small for her age, had dirty blonde hair, and she was funny.  Once they got here it already got loud. Brooke is also an extremely loud person.  My mom and I sat together downstairs trying to listen to TV but the sound of their laughing and playful screaming was a little distracting. After about an hour they were simmering down, I was sitting on my phone, and my mom was making some pizza. We sat down and started eating. The pizza was just from Walmart but it has a thick crust with just enough crunch and the cheese has the perfect balance of chewiness in it.  

Later they said I could go up there and hang out upstairs with them. I was pretty excited that I was allowed to go hang out with them. Before we went  we got some snacks, popcorn, candy, and soda. While we were hanging out we got the BEST idea. This great idea was to try the trend that we saw on Tiktok of popping popcorn kernels with a straightening iron. So we got everything set up and we were just waiting for the popcorn to pop. This took FOREVER. I swear we sat on the bathroom floor for about 30 mins just waiting for that dang thing to turn popcorn. Right before it popped it started sizzling, once it finally did happen it was pretty disappointing. I decided to clean up the bathroom a little and the next thing I knew Brook and Lyric were in the bedroom messing around. I decided to go over and see what was going on and they were chasing each other with the straightener but never actually hurting each other.  It was actually pretty funny to watch until Brook got a little too close and Lyric´s arm went up just a little bit but that made the biggest difference…

¨AHHHHHHHHH!!¨ Lyric shouts. 

It all happened so fast.  After Lyric screamed she ran to the bathroom and slammed the door so hard it shook the whole house. Brook ran right after her but she got the door slammed in her face.  I am pretty sure that Lyric  was crying while she was in the bathroom. It was hard to tell because my mom was trying to understand what just happened and Brooke was just apologizing again and again.  Once Lyric got the courage to come out we all went to go look at the burn mark. It was gross. The burn was already blistering and was bright and dark red. The worst part was that there was a burn mark on top of her arm and the bottom because the straightener clamped all the way down. My mom was absolutely freaking out. She was clearly stressed out and wanted to help but wasn’t sure exactly what to do. When she pulled herself together she went down stairs and got my sister some burn cream to cool it down. Once everything had been settled and Brooke was done apologizing, my sister forgave her and they hung out in her room for the rest of the night. 

Also of course she went around the next day and was telling everyone at school what had happened and people kept thinking that they did not like each other anymore but that was just a rumor.  Her burn was pretty bad for about a week but  overall it took almost two months for her burn to heal and she still has a scar almost two years later. Lyric still tells people that story to this day and she always teases Brooke about it too. I personally think she is just a little dramatic when telling people what happened to her but it is my sister so what can I expect.