The Punch

Tucker Murphy Centennial 7th Grader

Non-staff Contributor

I woke up on the 18th of September, my birthday. It was a Friday and on Fridays the boys usually go hangout on Fridays. We would go to the movies, roller skating, and ice skating. Today we decided to go to the movies. That day at school was like any other, but that night was not. After school I walked to the mall with the boys, waiting for the movies to start. The movie started at 7:10 and it was about 6:30.
I couldn’t get a ride to my house so Jaden and I decided to walk. It was already dark and we had to get from the mall to Hobby Lobby and back. We made it to the movies at about 7:05 because we took a couple shortcuts. We got there and the theatre was full of my friends. People such as       Caity, Brandon, Braden, Kadence, Kyah, Jaden, ect. We were watching a new action movie and we had the theatre all to ourselves. I was getting a little upset because everyone was being loud and moving around. Halfway through the movie Brandon was getting a snap chat from an old friend. He sent her a video of me saying hi. She sent one back of her making fun of me and my height. So I started making fun of her. She got all mad and said she was going to come to the theatre and beat me up. So I told her to come. She showed up about 30 minutes later and started to yell at me. She brought a friend as well. At one point she pushed me and Kaiden (the two smallest people) and Jaden’s cousin caught us. She sprained Kaiden’s ankle by doing that. She then grabbed me and punched me in the head two or three times. I started to laugh as she didn’t hit me in any spot that would hurt to get hit by. My friend Kai started to say “chill my guy”. And she flipped out. She started chasing him and Kaiden again. She never caught them and on her way back Braden said in a serious voice “you need to calm down.” She tried to push him but he didn’t budge. She got back in her car and drove off. Later that night I was staying at Brandon’s house and she started to facetime me. She then started to apologize for what she did, but I didn’t buy it because she started to laugh through it all. I confronted her saying she really wasn’t sorry and she angrily put her older sister on the phone who started to yell at me and the boys. Me and that old friend haven’t talked since.