By: Bailey Hardy Centennial 7th Grader

Non-staff Contributor

It’s been a week since he followed me home. My name is Lidia, I’m 14 and fair skinned with black hair. My mother (Maranda), is my only guardian that I live with in apartments that were old and the outside was a gross vomit green color. I’m an eight grader with a low expectation for friends and even grades. I’m not the worst kid there is but let’s just say I don’t have the best lifestyle when it comes to people. It was almost time for school on this boring Monday. “Good morning!”

 My mom says as she hugs me, almost having to pry her off I smiled and replied with a “good morning mom” and sat down. I sat at the table eating off brand fruit loops named “Tootie Fruities”. I looked up almost startled by the sound from the tv. My phone dinged right at that exact moment causing me to jump up from my seat remembering about school. I stuffed my phone into my pocket, grabbed my backpack and hugged my mom goodbye. Stepping on the stars that led to the cold ground, I emerged from my door. On my way to school I turned on my phone to listen to music with my headphones. Before I knew it, I ended up at the front doors of centennial junior high. It was the first day of school. It felt as if today was the most important day of my life and I just had to get it right today. No mess ups. No stuttering. Just bliss. Today I was lazy and dressed in a boring white t-shirt with a black hoodie over it and blue jeans. I stepped through the front door that were colored yellow and brown with their mascot (an eagle) plastered on both doors. I looked around trying not to look scared or weak. While I walked up the stairs my shoes banged against the first step (almost tripping) making a loud sound. My phone dinged once more, this time it was my mom. “Have a great day sweetie❤️❤️” I read.  The bell interrupted my thoughts trying to figure out what to reply with. I shrugged my shoulders and put my phone back into the dark abyss of my backpack. Walking to my classroom I pulled out the paper with all my classes and room numbers out of my pocket. Room 163 was my home room. I entered walking straight to the teacher not paying attention to the other kids staring a hole into my heart. “Oh hi! My name is Ms Dow and I am your homeroom teacher. Go ahead and sit anywhere ms…..”  

“Lidia, my names Lidia.” 

“oh, well ms Lidia sit anywhere you like.” I turned around and sat at a random table in the back, right next to a window so I could look out at the blue sky with what looked like rain clouds approaching from behind the mountains. I dozed off thinking about my next classes while ms dow went on about how it was our first day and expectations and stuff like that. Passing period came and I glanced at my schedule. I read: math, Mr Zeidler. Last year I hated him. He was always so grouchy  and always just had to pick a fight with one single kid in each class. Me being feisty and sometimes sassy, he picked me. I didn’t understand why he was the teacher of my next class, he must have moved up one grade. I rolled my eyes and just started to his class which was on the top floor. That was the only thing I really liked about the top floor, I loved looking down at all the kids who almost looked like tiny little ants from way up there. I entered the classroom and to my surprise there were kids that I knew, not personally but I knew their faces. There was only one boy who was new with brown hair and was somewhat tall with a plaid shirt on. We made eye contact for one second and he smiled. I smiled back and sat down with my backpack on the back of my navy blue chair that was very uncomfortable and almost had a feeling of pins going through my back. Class ended before I knew it. I stood up almost falling to the floor with fatigue. But marched on to my last class before lunch. “Art.” I said to myself with almost no emotion at all. Luckily it was a sub and because of that we didn’t have to do as much as we would usually. I stared at the clock with my stomach begging for food. The bell rang and I bounced out of my seat and ran out the door to meet up with Coraline who was most likely already in the lunchroom. I ran down the hallway and accidentally bumped into that boy in math class. I didn’t see it before but close up I could see his bright brown eyes with the reflection of me standing there in embarrassment. “Sorry.” I muttered and hurried off. And for some reason his posture had some kind of curiosity as he stood there watching me zoom away.

I scanned the lunch room for Coraline, she was sitting in the very back with cold pizza and a 7up. Two feet behind her, another one of her friends grabbed her hand and pulled her away unaware of me and together they ran outside. Our school had the choice of eating inside or outside in the grass but I felt like staying in and honestly I would mind sitting alone like always. I’ve grown used to sitting alone considering the whole summer I was at summer camp and I was completely ignored by everyone except Coraline who had attended with me. For the last 3 years we did everything together, but every year she just got a little more distant and a little more until this year. It seemed like she almost didn’t even notice me except when she had to. For the second time today my thoughts were interrupted, but not by a bell. This time it was that kid, that boy. “May I sit here?” he asked in a voice that didn’t really match his personality. It was kinda deep and really wasn’t what I was expecting. “Um yeah go ahead.” I replied and then returned to eat my Cheez-Its that I had stuffed into my backpack for some reason. We ate in silence for about two minutes until he broke the silence. “My name is Andrew. Andrew Parker.” he announced. “What’s yours?”


“Hmm” he said with yet again curiosity in the way he looked and sounded but this time, it wasn’t at all that pleasant. It was quiet for another 2 minutes until he decided he was gonna go outside. He didn’t say anything except for  “See you later…Lidia” I looked down at my phone trying to forget what just happened and started looking through my snapchat. Like always there was nothing interesting. Girls bragging about their hair and nails, Or saying they got a new boyfriend. I was never big on the dating life, it just wasn’t really my thing. It involved too much drama. And I just really didn’t want to be overwhelmed.  Lunch ended and I walked sadly to my next class.

    .  .  .

Home was boring. I found a way to fall asleep considering this was the only thing there was to do. I believe I slept for about 45 minutes before my mom came and woke me up. 

“How was school?” she asked

“Ok…i guess. I murmured under my breath.

She was about to say something in return but I cut her off.

“Actually there was this one thing that happened today.” i thought for a quick sec “There was this kid, Matt? I think his name was, anyways….i think he likes me. He seemed so friendly that it was kinda weird.”

“What do you mean weird?”

“Well…i don’t know.

“Lidia , it was also your first day, it was probably just your nerves.” 

I thought about what she said for a couple seconds until my mom broke the silence.

“Whenever you get hungry there are tacos downstairs, i’m gonna head to bed though. Goodnight, I love you.”

“Goodnight mom, i love you too.”


            .  .  .


‘Oh my god, it’s too early for this’ as I thought of who it could be I walked to my kitchen to find a snack. 


I flipped around backwards.


It was the sound of rocks hitting the window. I walked towards the kitchen window, above the sink. I climbed up into the sink  (I can’t reach the window if I don’t.).


Another rock hit the window before I opened it and stuck my head out . Matt’s silhouette stood there in the moonlight, rocks in hand. “Lidia!!” he yelled 


“Oh sorry.” he whispers in return 

“Wh- what the- what are you doing here?” I said slurring over my words.

“Well I thought, i thought maybe you just, like you would wanna talk?”

Wh- what? Why would I wanna talk, it’s 3:00 in the morning, and by the way not creepy at all, but how do you know where I live!?”

“I well….I just….I saw you walk here after school.”

“You followed me!!??”

“Well, I thought that maybe- uh, yeah i guess.”

“Wow this is great! First day of school and I’m already getting followed!”

“I just wanted to apolog-”

My mom’s voice echoed from behind. 




To be continued…