Alone in Chicago

By: Trevor Wellborn Centennial 7th Grader

Non-staff Contributor

    It was two days before Christmas, the winter snow blew through the wind in the chilling roads of Colorado. Kids run up the roads sledding down on the thick powder snow flying through the wind with screams of joy. One of those kids did not know what would go on in their future. Kameron McMansion was a nine year old boy wrapped up in winter coats with a layer of pants. He wore thick black gloves and had thick blond hair with an outer color of blue in his eyes with a green and yellow inner. Kameron slid down the hill in a glowing manor having the time of his life then he was called inside. Tomorrow Kameron and his families were tomorrow heading to their aunt and uncles resort down in Florida. Kameron ran inside taking off his winter coat and clothes bolting to the kitchen. Kameron’s mom yelled, “Kameron! Don’t run inside the house!” Kameron replied, “Sorry mom!” and sat down inside the kitchen excited for his future vacation tomorrow. Everyone soon entered the dining room with him, his mom, dad, cousin Jack, cousin Anna, brother Mali, and his other brother Leroy. They decided to order burgers that night as they arrived Kameron’s dad went and paid. Kameron’s little brother Mali whined desperately to eat chips tonight but was refused. Kameron looked around for his plain cheeseburger since he hated onions and went up to his older brother Leroy, “Hey, Leyroy have you seen my plain cheeseburger?” As hearing that Leroy smirked, “Yeah it’s in my stomach if you want any.” As Kameron heard that he came furious accidentally knocking down a glass cup from the counter. Kameron’s mom turned around along with his dad, their eyes in shock and anger and yelled, “Kameron! What did you just do!” and by hearing this he in disbelief said, “Leroy started it! He ate my burger on purpose then bragged about it to me!” hearing this fighting caused Mali to start crying which created more chaos in the feud. Kameron was marched up to his room by his parents thinking how disrespectful Leroy always is to him. He yelled at his parents, “I can’t believe you only blame me! This family sucks!” marching up to his room he scuffed as his mom and dad were in complete disbelief. That night Kameron thought to himself why he has to be always treated unfairly then decided to go to sleep for the big getaway tomorrow. That night when he slept was a very eerie night, the wind blowing in a swift. Bells rung throughout the next with leaves blowing all around feeling almost as if magic was blowing around the McMansion household. That morning a honk was heard outside the house and Kamerons mom rubbed her eyes, “Rob… what time is it?” as Rob turned over to her, “I don’t know, you were supposed to set the alarms.” Hearing that Kameron’s mom eyes widened, “No, you were suppose to.” hearing this they both jumped out of their bed with pure terror shock saying at the same time, “We’re late!” and they would wake up the family everyone running to get into the vans parked outside in the winter snow trying to get ready. Kameron rushed out the door first in a heap with his father traveling bag ready to get his tan on in the sandy Florida beaches. Everyone made their way into the car and Kameron’s mom stated, “Floor it to the airport!” and they drove away. They would finally make it to the airport in an intense manor of attitude they began to run trying to make their flight. Kameron was a bit slower but still tried to run as swiftly as he could with his family. Suddenly Kameron would trip over his shoe laces forgetting to tie them in the morning. He got up on his knee and tied them trying to keep track of his family saying, “Wait up guys!” and got it tied. He looked around not knowing which direction they went since he was lost but came to a conclusion of left even though truly his family went to the terminal of right. He wasn’t paying attention and bumped into the man with the boarding passes. He would lose his along with the man apologizing for his actions saying, “My family just got on this flight and I don’t want to be left in Colorado!” Luckily the man agreed and hurried him on the plane asking, “Do you see your family?” and Kameron would point out to a girl who looked like his mom, “That’s my mom there!” and the flight attendant would look over replying in a hurry, “Alright find a seat the pilot is about to take off.” Hearing this Kameron would run to a seat sitting down as the flight began to leave Colorado heading to what Kameron did not know to be, Chicago. Kameron’s mother and father and cousins would make it on the flight sitting down thinking Kameron was with the kids in the back while they were in first class. Kameron’s mother turned over to Rob, Kameron’s father saying, “Rob, something feels wrong.” Rob would look over inconspicuously saying, “It’s probably nothing Alene, everyones on and we have our luggage.” Alene would agree, “Yeah… your right.” and their flight to Florida would take off the two planes going in opposite directions. About two hours and thirty minutes later Kameron’s flight would land in Chicago. He stepped out of the plane getting onto the terminal scouting around for his family. The pilot and flight attendants on the plane would step out turning to the airport staff commenting, “That’s all of us.” walk away. The terminal door to the plane was shut and Kameron was in absolute confusion. Kameron went to the windows and looked out, not seeing sunshine… but snow! Kameron’s eyes would widen seeing the snow in absolute shock. He ran up to the terminals desk and asked one of the people who worked at the Chicago airport, “What city is that?!” upon hearing this the worker would reply, “Sir.. that’s Chicago sir..” Kameron’s eyes were in complete terror. The worker would assuringly ask, “Are you okay sir?” looking at Kameron as Kameron would say in a quiet but calming tone, “Yeah.. Ii’ll be just fine.” and walk away looking at the city of Chicago. Kameron would leave the terminal in a rush to explore the wonders of Chicago that it had to offer awaiting his new adventure. Kameron would first arrive in Millennium Park amazed by all he could see running around. He would then make his way to the Navy Pier going on rides that were almost too swift for the human eye to follow. Lastly before it started getting late he made his way up on the top of Willis Tower Skydeck and stared at the brightly lit beautiful city of Chicago. He would then make his way down the tower and decided he needed to find a place to rest for the night. He took out his dad’s bag and opened it up to see if there was anything. He would find his dad’s wallet and grinned looking at all the cash and credit cards he had in it. Kameron made his way downtown towards the park and stumbled upon a hotel called The Waldorf Astoria Inn, a five star resort hotel with the best you could get. He made his way to the lobby going to a phone and took out a voice changing box he had in his dad’s bag. He would record his voice saying, “Hello, my name is Rob McMansion, the father. I would like an extra large room please with a huge bed, huge TV, and a little fridge you have to open with a key. Credit card, you got it.” and ended the recording. He would then change the voice to sound more muscular and older so it would sound like an adult man. He would call the hotel number and used the recording at parts to answer the other lines questions and when finished he hung up the phone. He then waited ten minutes and once the ten minutes passed he walked up to the lobby front desk to a man in a tight dress clothes uniform and his hair slicked back and a face of a determined man. He would lift up his head to Kameron in a puzzled way asking, “May I help you?” Kameron would reply, “Yes I have a reservation for a hotel room. The name is McMansion. Well my father actually ordered the hotel room but he is at a board meeting and I despise meetings because I can only wait in the lobby and do nothing. So my father sent me with his bag and told me to come here so I can wait in the hotel room.” The man would reply in a grin, “Credit card please.” and in a shock he saw Kameron pull out the credit card and hand it to him. He proceeded to scan the card for the stay and it worked Kameron in a grin muffled, “Woah, it worked…” and removed his grin when the man turned back. The man would comment, “Enjoy your stay with us and make sure your father checks with us so we can welcome him inside as well.” and handed back the credit card as well. The man would then point up his finger saying, “Front desk!” and Charles would come over to Henry, Henry would whisper, “Make sure to find out everything about that boy right there.” and he would send Charles with Kameron so he could show him his room. Charles would state a fact, “You know, once Bill Gates stayed in this room.” and Kameron would turn over, “The exploring guy?” Charles would give a faint chuckle, “No, the founder of Microsoft.” and they would finally arrive at the room. Charles would open the door and Kameron would gasp quickly saying, “Can you hold this fast?” then throwing it to Charles and went exploring the hotel room. Charles would search for a name tag on the bag seeing, “Rob McMansion” plastered on it and right when he was going to go through the bag Kameron stepped back into the living room and Charles quickly commented, “Would you like the key in the bag or..?” and Kameron puzzled commenting, “I’ll keep it.” and took his bag and key. Charles would reach out his hand, a sign for a tip and Kameron replied, “Oh! My bad here you go.” and handed him a piece of gum. Charles would stand in a puzzled confused manor and Kameron would then shut the door. He decided it had been a long day and he needed some sleep for tomorrow he would think would be an amazing day. Little did Kameron know that tomorrow would combine a pressure anxiety experience for him and he would have to do what you would think no nine year old boy would have to do. He would open up his eyes the next morning with the bright shine of the sun in his eyes and the beautiful singing of birds above his window next to his bed. He did his normal routine he would do at home brushing teeth etc. Meanwhile an hour later after Kamerons flight landed the McMansion Florida flight landed. They all stepped into the terminal waiting for their bags to come. Kamerons would arrive and they each handed it to each other so Kameron could get his. Once it arrived at Jack he was about to hand it to Kameron but stopped seeing Kameron not there but two teenagers waiting for their bags. His eyes widened and just turned away handing it back saying Kameron was not there. His mom would later get the bag and hand it to his dad saying Kameron wasn’t there and his dad looked at her with huge eyes of shock streaming, “What!” and Kamerons mom would have a nervous breakdown laughing then would as well yell, “What! Kameron!” and passed out on the ground. Kameron would make his way down to the first floor via elevator and dined breakfast by himself in the restaurant portion of the hotel. Once he finished he wiped his mouth and paid the bill. He made his way back to the lobby and the front desk greeted him, “Mr. McMansion here is your limo with your very own, plain cheeseburger.” and opened the container containing the cheeseburger. Kameron would take the burger with a grin and hoped in the limo which began to drive. He would drink a coca-cola and eat his burger while driving. Kameron would later roll down the window and asked the limo driver, “Do you know any good toy stores?” and the limo driver would give a smile, “Indeed I do sir! And he began to drive there. On the way to the toy store Kameron saw two sketchy people talking but thought nothing of it. “So Larry, what should we do. We need a big job this time, a job that will set us on our way to riches of wealth we will not know what to use with.’’ would conspicuously say a man named Vick and Larry would reply, “I know the perfect job. Tomorrow it is Christmas which means one store will be targeted for huge market shopping.” and Vick would blurt in an enthusiastic mood, “Candy stores?” and Larry would shake his head at Vick, “No moron, twelve year olds rob candy stores.” Then Vick would mumble, “Well then what.” and Larry would comment, “Toy stores.. Specifically, Kevin’s Toy Chest.” The limo driver would arrive shortly later, “Here’s your stop sir!” and Kameron would kindly ask him, “You can drive around a little. I will be here for awhile.” and the limo driver smiled and waved. Kameron thought to himself how big this place looked and how beautiful it was. He walked inside astonished at the work of toys here. He saw anything he could possibly imagine and ran looking at toys of all types. He picked out a few objects that he thought would satisfy him and went to the register with glee. A man with thick blonde hair would check him out curious on how he could afford this and commented, “My! You sure like toys and I am glad to see that!” and Kameron would reply, “It’s the one thing we can know we can enjoy as much as we can.” and Kevin would smile with joy, “You remind me of a younger me.” and checked him out. Kameron would ask, “What’s with that register marked donations?” and Kevin would turn the extravagant register, “That is where we take all the money we make today and place it there. At the end of tonight Mr. McCallister takes it all up and brings it to the children’s hospital and elderly homes and gives it away so people can get help.” and Kameron would smile taking out a 50$ bill he got on his birthday and handing it to Kevin, “Here donate this. The people need it more than I do and I will just waste it.” Kevin’s eyes dazzled, “Wow.. thank you so much young man! For your generosity you can pick off anything from that Christmas tree. Though let me recommend something. Take the Bow and the present. This represents that one needs the other and shows dependency for two people to share an everlasting bond,” Kameron would be ecstatic, “Wow thank you! Two for one!” and they both greeted each other goodbye. Before Kameron left he looked up onto the picture of the founder Kevin McCallister and saw the man who helped him and smiled before leaving. He then began walking down the Chicago streets and walked next to an alley seeing a man being robbed. “Vick take his wallet and let’s go,” would say Larry, “Alright Larry!” replied Vick. Kameron would curiously utter, “Hey sir, are you alright over there?” and this would make Vick and Larry as frozen as ice. They turned around to Kameron with the wallet in their leather black gloves, “Get the boy!” and they would begin to start running up to Kameron and Kameron with terror yelled, “Yikes!” and began to run. Kameron would turn around the corner running into a group of people and saw a merchant. The merchant was selling strings of beads so Kameron took out some quick cash and bought three strings then ran across the street. Larry and Vick saw him run across and smirked thinking what can a pathetic kid do to us and began running to the street crosswalk. Once Kameron made it across the street he broke the beads connector and spilled them across the sidewalk looking at the two thugs getting closer. He ran his way down and the man chased him not seeing the beads and slipped on them letting Kameron escape. “We need to find that kid or he will tell the police Larry!” Larry shook his head, “Who will believe a little kid?” and they got up looking around and proceeded to walk away. Kameron wiped his head after that traumatic experience, “Whoa! That was close.. Who knows what could have happened.” Kameron’s mom and dad made their way to the Florida police department and went to an officer. He would ask, “How may I help you ma’am and sir?” Kameron’s mom blurted out, “Our son is missing!” and the police officer would then ask, “When did you notice the child missing?” Kameron’s dad replied, “The terminal at the Denver airport.” The officer assured them, “He probably just got lost in the terminal and is waiting there or at home. Unlikely that he is anywhere else. We will contact Chicago and let them know. Don’t worry we will find your son. Is it possible you have a picture of the boy?” Kameron’s dad searched his jacket for his wallet and remembered Kameron had his bag, “Oh my.. Kameron has my bag and wallet.” The police officer was fast to urge, “Were there credit cards in the bag?” Rob declared, “Yes money, credit cards, everything!” the officer would exclaim, “We will call the credit card company and notify them as well. We will call you folks once we get word on the matter.” and Kameron’s mom and dad left the station, “What help Rob! We are stuck here without Kameron not knowing if he is safe or not and the police can’t even do anything for us right now!” Rob turned, “Alene they are doing their best. We will find Kameron.” and they would get into a taxi and drive back to their hotel room. Henry would go through the purchase files looking for Kameron’s dad reservation and the card he used. He found the card and punched it in to see it and to his delight it would read stolen. He would grin walking outside watching Kameron bolting to the hotel in a rush. Kameron exclaimed, “Hey I need inside fast!” and Henry replied, “What’s the matter? Stolen credit card?” and Kameron’s eyes widened once hearing, “Lets see what the police have to say about this.” and Kameron ran past him to the lobby. He would see Charles in a ready position to grab Kameron and Kameron would run to the left making Charles chase him then he tricked Charles and juked him running into the elevator and pressing the 7th floor. Henry yelled, “I got him!” and ended up colliding with Charles. Kameron smirked at the sight and road up to his room. Kameron ran to his room and shoved his belongings into his dad’s bag along with some food on the way. As he would do this he heard a long bang on the door so he grabbed the bag and turned on the TV which was luckily enough had a classic mobster movie inside. The TV started playing and he skipped it to a point of a disagreement and where action struck. The TV would state, “Hold it right there.” as the security and staff members with an officer barged in. Henry exclaimed, “This is the concierge sir. We are looking for a young brat-…. I mean child wearing winter gear and a-” The TV then declared. “I knew it was you, I could hear you a mile away before you got the elevator.” Then Henry became speechless. He then tried to rant about Kameron again but was interrupted once more by the TV, “You were planning to get me out too last night weren’t you.” This made Henry laugh awkwardly in a hysterical way declaring, “I have no idea of what you’re talking about!” and the TV exclaimed, “Don’t give me that you have been planning to take everyone out! Leo, Ray, Ned, Little Joe with the broken leg, Henry, Bob, Fred! And the officer looked down at his officer name tag reading Officer Fred and he looked up to Henry with everyone else looking at Henry. Henry would immediately declare, “It’s a lie!” While hearing all this Kameron chuckled quietly so he was not caught since it was hilarious. Henry then looked around for the man since he was not in sight for the TV. The TV would then state, “You know what I am going to let you go. I am going to give you to the count of two to get your Ugly angry no good attitude out my door. The staff then began to run outside the room and then the TV mumbled, “One…..” Then began shooting an unknown object. The concierge then rolled onto the floor thinking they were being shot at with their hands on their heads. The TV would then maliciously say with a smirk and Kameron saying it as well, “Two…. keep the change you filthy animals.. -firing one more time- and a happy new year.” Kameron winked at the end when saying this and ran out the door. He ran out into the dark alley and in a panic ran into Vick and Larry menacingly grinning at Kameron, “Hello pal!” then grabbed his hands. “What’s this?” Vick pulled out a plane ticket reading to Orlando Florida. Larry smirked, “What? Got on the wrong plane, little squirt?” then chuckled maliciously. They then began to walk. Kameron had a terrified look on his face but truly inside was trying to think of a way to break free and escape these giant pinheads. They then began to walk and Vick said, “Can’t wait to rob Kevin’s Toy Chest, get loaded with money and fly off to Puerto rico and live the li-” Larry would interrupt him, “Why are you telling him our plans?!? Did you hit your head or something?!” Vick would then grin, “Who’s he going to tell? Besides a fish under the water.” Larry grinned nodding. They then brought themselves up near the park. They sat down opposite sides of Kameron so he couldn’t make a run for it. Kameron then heard a faint menacing HISssssssssssssss….. And he grabbed a stick. He then was to notice a small snake slithered out of the cold damp pond and it had dark green scales with a black bold head and deep black eyes. He looked to his sides seeing Vick and Larry looking opposite ways so he reached for the snake with the stick and managed to grab it and he quickly placed it on Vick. Vick then heard a loud malicious HISSSSSSS and then looked down to see the snake crawling on him about to lunge for an attack and he screeched and threw the snake down leaving the opportunity for the Kameron to run for it which he then did. Right before Kameron left he commented out, “See ya pinheads!” Kameron then bolted, seeing Vick still in a panic mode with Larry trying to kill the snake with a stick and then noticing Kameron was gone. Kameron then smirked and ran to the streets losing sight of Vick and Larry and he laughed. He made his way downtown as it started to get dusk. He took his fathers bag and opened it. He then would find a notebook with family addresses and ended up finding his Uncle Kyle’s house in Chicago pulling up. Kameron then wondered if his Uncle Kyle was home and decided to make his way down the Chicago streets and uptown to arrive at the three story run down house that his Uncle Kyle just bought to flip it. He looked puzzled seeing the run down manor and just shrugged making his way around the house and opening the back door to which he walked in. He looked around at the dump seeing it run down with holes in the walls and floors with strings of lights hanging from the dangerously damp molding ceilings. Kameron then said, “Home sweet home I suppose.” and he walked around cautiously seeing his surroundings. He decided to just go for a night stroll and then head back to try to find somewhere he could sleep in the rundown well, not even a house with how bad the inside looked. He walked the spookily villainous streets of Chicago at night seeing people mumble about random things, people who looked like they would be wanted for multiple crimes and more. Kameron then saw a kid and a mom in a taxi and the kid was playing with a stuffed bear he saw from Kevin’s Toy Chest that he just got and noticed the boy had crutches next to him. After the car drove away, Kameron remembered how Vick and Larry were going to rob the toy chest and stated, “Nobody is going to rob the place that brings many children many happiness.. Not on my watch at least!” and then he bolted down the streets of the brisk cold Chicago to his Uncle Kyle’s house. He then sketched out a plan with a crayon he found in his bag and got to business. He would set up traps for the two criminals to protect him and give these criminals justice for what they have done. He would finish up his last dangerous trap inside the risky house and walk outside. Meanwhile Vick and Larry hid behind two giant stuffed bears that were on them as well after losing sight of Kameron. Once the store was fully closed they crept outside of their enormous bears and made their way towards the cash registers with their crowbars. Larry cunningly declared, “Let’s crack open these registers and walk out filthy rich with loads of cash like we own this joint.” Vick stated, “Cheers to that!” and they cheered their crowbars together and began to crack open the cash registers and stuffed money into bags. Kameron then arrived at Kevin’s Toy Chest and took out a camera. Kameron then grew a grin and tapped on the big glass and waved taking a picture of the two as they looked in horror at Kameron. Larry yelled, “Look! He took our picture!” and then Kameron took once more and then took a rock out of his bag with a note around it and said, “It’s time to do this Kameron… no turning back now.” and he threw the rock at the window causing it to shatter and the alarms to go off. Kameron then takes one more picture and begins to run past some marbles he left on the ground. Vick yells, “Get him!” and they begin to run out the window but slip on the marbles. Larry mumbled angrily and demanded, “Get him!” and begin to chase after Kameron. Meanwhile earlier Rob and Alene got a call from the police and the police and the police told them that Kameron was in Chicago. Alene urgently states, “We’re on the next flight out!” and hangs up rushing the family out to Chicago. They would later arrive at Chicago and ran to the front desk confronting them about Kameron. Henry would state, “I am sorry to say but we don’t have him! Once we confronted him about the credit card he ran off in a flash!” Alene angrily commented, “Why did you let him leave! What kind of idiots do you have working here!” Charles then quickly stated, “The finest brilliant idiots in Chicago.” and then They gave Alene and Rob a complimentary suite for all the trouble and Alene went out to try to find Kameron in the dark creepy night of the brisk Chicago. Kameron then made his way towards his Uncle Kyle’s house and ran upstairs to the top of the house where he took a pile of flour bags. Vick and Larry ran up to the house and looked above to see Kameron giving a smirk at them. Vick yelled out, “Let’s get him!” and Larry held him back as he tried lunging towards the door and reassured him, “Remember what just happened the last time?! Let’s take a new approach on this kid.” With this Larry yelled, “Hey sonny!” Kameron replied, “Yes?” and Larry turned to Vick with a smirk and turned back shouting out, “So we are quite busy tonight! But knocking you off wouldn’t hurt me a bit! But since we are in a huge hurry how about you throw down your camera and bag and you won’t hear from us again!” Kameron replied, “You promise?” and Larry cunningly said, “Cross my heart and hope to die.” Kameron yelled out, “Okay!” and he pretended to grab the bag but instead grabbed the bag of flour. While Larry and Vick maliciously laughed thinking that they tricked Kameron he threw down the bag of flour. Vick curiously asked Larry, “Did you hear th-” and Vick had the bag of flour smashed on his head. Vick yelled out, “GAHHH!” and looked up to see another bag fly out and hit his stomach, absolutely pounding it knocking the wind out of him and possibly breaking a rib. Larry looked up, “Hey! Alright I warned you c’mon throw another huh!” Kameron looked blank as if he had no more. Larry turned over to Vick who looked like he was a human snowman and declared, “He has no more get up.” Kameron then grabbed a bag and waved down at Vick and showed the bag of flour. Vick started mumbling in a panic as he could not speak for the minute trying to tell Larry and Larry was puzzled. Kameron threw down the bag and Vicks mumbling increased pointing and Larry looked to see the bag coming down and went out of the way causing it to smash into Vick again. Larry took out 3 fingers and asked Vick, “How many fingers am I holding up Vick?” and Vick confusedly stated, “T….Ten??” and Larry looked at his fingers and rolled his eyes turning to Kameron who was laughing hysterically. Larry helped Vick up and they barged into the front to be smashed in the heads by paint cans flying outside the door and smashing into the concrete getting knocked out. Kameron laughed, “Well I guess they were so much morons that they failed the first trap! What a shame but still hilarious!” and he threw down a rope that he tied to a metal pole and made sure it was tight. He climbed down being as careful as he could and made it all the way down. He checked Vick and Larry and saw they were clean out cold from the paint cans. He ran to the phone pole that was very close by and called the police to go to 119 St. Washington Street Chicago ((His Uncle Kyle’s house)) and to look for fireworks to catch the people who robbed Kevin’s Toy Chest. He grabbed fireworks out of his backpack that he got from downtown chinatown looking around and took out a match and stated, “Merry Christmas you filthy animals.” and he lit the match causing the fireworks to start light away. The police quickly made their way to the address and the fireworks began to fire off and Kameron fled to the roof watching them and making Vick and Larry scream awake from the police alarms and fireworks. Larry looked up to see two cops above them and he nudged Vick to see them as well. One officer stated, “Well well looks like we finally found you two. Trying to steal from toy shops now?” Vick comments unaware, “Yeah he wanted us to steal all the elderly and kids charity money.” Larry hits his arm, “You know you have the right to stay silent!” The cop states, “Get them out of here.” and the other cop cuffs them and loads them into the cop car and before the cops leave Larry looks up to see Kameron in a smirk waving goodbye. The cops leave with Vick and Larry in the back and Kameron climbs down the house stairs, careful for the traps he made and makes his way outside on the streets. Kameron walks the dark streets sad as he misses his family tons wanting to see all of his family again but especially his mom. He finds his way towards a church. Kevin McCallister makes his way towards his toy chest finding out how it was broken. Once he arrives a police officer approaches him with a rock and a note tied around it and hands it to him commenting, “Sir we found this. Looks like a kid broke your window we think.” Kevin would open up the rock and read the note that read, ‘Hey sorry for breaking your window sir.Do you know if you have any insurance to fix it? If not I can send some money to help. P.S. thanks for the bow and the present box. -Kameron McMansion” and Kevin said, “Awh… The bow and present.. I can’t help to think that this feels so similar. Kameron sits down inside the church which has people singing Christmas music going on. Meanwhile Kameron’s mom runs through the street with a picture asking them if they have seen Kameron possibly at all. Alene runs up to a cop car and knocks on the window which grabs the eye of one of the two officers. He unrolls the window and asks, “Can I help you ma’am?” and Alene in a panic blurts, “Yes my nine year old son has been missing for almost two days his name is Kameron.” and show him the picture. The officer asks, “Have you filed a police report?” Alene answers, “Yes of course.” The officer reassures her, “Then we will handle it, just give it time.” Alene in utter shock decides to ask the officer, “Do you have kids?” and the officer takes off the sunglasses he was wearing and answers, “Yes ma’am.” and Alene questions him, “What would you do if one of them went missing?” and the officer glances to her and answers, “Probably what you’re doing. Here just think about you in your kid’s shoes, where would you be?” and Alene in distress answers, “Oh me? I would be run over by a car dead but not Kameron…no no not Kameron he’s much braver than I am.. He would be at the church listening to the beautiful music.” her eyes then widened knowing exactly where he is and blurted out, “Oh my god I know where he is! Can you drive me to City Church Chicago!” and the office nods his head and Alene hops in as they drive off to City Church Chicago. Kameron looks up and prays, “God I know I have done much wrong and I take into blame with that but I just want one thing for Christmas.. All I want is my mother and my family. Even if I see them for a short time that’s all I want. No presents, nothing.” and Kameron’s mom gets out of the car and runs inside the church to see Kameron sitting down listening to the music. Her heart beats fast and she says, “Kameron..?” and Kameron hears and turns around to see his mom and he states, “Wow that was fast!” and they run and hug. They eat up meeting the family in the hotel and they enjoy a Merry Christmas with surprise gifts of presents from Kevin’s Toy Chest.