In Four Years

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“This is crazy Jill! I, I mean a time machine? 2020 can’t get any crazier hahaha.” 

“I agree Ben! They say the farthest you can go is four years. Any ways folks in the White House…”

 “Blah blah blah stupid politics. UGGGG I am sick of it,” said Lucy after watching the news. “I mean the time machine is pretty cool I guess.” (Knock knock knock) “Who is it?” asked Lucy’s mom.

 “I don’t know, I have to see.” Lucy opened the door and there were people from a lab. “Hello, I just want to say you have a free chance at going to the future right now!” said a man.

 “Uhhh first off who are you and second how do I know I can trust you?” asked Lucy. 

“Hmmm, stranger danger I take it, well we are here to assure you, that you will be safe on your journey because you’re going no matter what.” said a woman. Lucy backed up. The lady reached for her arm. She clicked a weird blue button and a strange blue and red dot shot out. She gave Lucy a note. As it got wider and wider Lucy’s mother ran in the room and noticed how her daughter was being abducted. They tossed Lucy into the portal and assured her mother everything would be ok. Lucy’s mom was furious. “WHERE DID YOU SEND HER?”

 “Sshhh everything is gonna be okay, miss. She is simply in the future.” “THE FUTURE?”

 “Yes, the future. Exactly four years. Yes.” (Moving along to the future) “AHHHH!” Lucy was thrown out of the portal. “What the… where am I?” “What do you mean where are ya? Are you an intruder? Personally I think it’s rude to throw a kid in an unknown place.” said a man. 

“Yeah, tell me about it. Am I in Wyoming still?” asked Lucy. 

“Yep, yer in good ol Wyomin.” Said the man. He talked in a country accent. “Heh, kinda knew it. Hi I am Lucy. I was born in Wyoming and I’ve lived here my whole life.”

 “Haven’t seen yuh around here, why’s that?”

 “I’m pretty sure I am from the past. What year is it?” 


 “No way… I think I came from the past, I am not lying. Last I knew of it was 2020. Or maybe I was in a 4 year long coma.” said Lucy.

 “I believe yuh. Don’t worry. I remember when they invented the machine. Welcome to the future kid. I am Thomas but you can call me Tom. If you need anything at all, call me.” Tom gave Lucy a card with a number on it. She read “Joe’s furniture store! (307)278-4758” The words Joe’s furniture store was crossed out with drippy red marker. “Thanks…” Tom walked away. *Oww, my head hurts, I am gonna go wash my face off.* Lucy thought to herself. She walked into what used to be J’s Pub and Grill. It looked more like a saloon on the inside. People stared at her when she walked inside. She walked straight to the restroom and washed her face. She looked up in the mirror and “AHHHH!” “I look so different, and red hair? HAHA well I mean I guess 2020 I was 12 so that makes me 16. Wow, just wow! I remember when my hair used to be blazing green right there. Now it’s blazing red. Ha this is so cool.” she said. She was wearing a western outfit that said resident of Wyoming. She looked in her pocket. “A tranquilizer dart gun? Man what is going on in 2024? This is absolutely crazy!” Lucy walked out of the restroom and saw a woman taking an innocent man into custody. People looked scared. “Little girl… don’t stare, she’ll take yuh too.” said an old woman.

 “Why is she taking him into custody?” asked Lucy.

 “He looked into her eyes. Her big blue scary eyes. No one dares to do it.” said the woman. 

“Well I do. Watch this. This will teach her a lesson about hurting innocent people. I mean she’s not even a cop.” said Lucy. “HEY LADY WITH THE BIG BLUE EYES!” shouted Lucy. She stared right into the pupil of her big blue eyes. The lady dropped the man. “Do you know who you’re talking to?” asked the evil woman.

 “Nope, but I find it very disturbing that you take a random man who was probably just admiring your eyes.” said Lucy. 

“I am Debra. No one dares to challenge me. What’s a 14 year old gonna do to me?” said Debra.

 “Well I mean first of all I’m not 14, I’m 16. Close though. And second, I dare to challenge you.” said Lucy. The old woman grabbed her arm.

 “Yer gonna get yer self killed little lady! Run!” said the old woman. 

“Just watch” said Lucy in an assuring voice. Debra walked up to Lucy with a rope. Lucy reached in her pocket and pulled out the tranquilizer gun. She hit Debra right in the forehead and Debra fell to the ground sound asleep. “Stupid people trying to hurt innocent people.” Everyone in the saloon cheered. No one has ever been brave enough to do something like that. After a few days in the future Lucy had been thinking about home. *How am I going to get home?* she thought to herself. She heard a knock at the place she was staying at. She opened the door and wham. It was Debra. “LISTEN HERE LUCY, You made a huge mistake. And now you’re gonna pay. You’re gonna pay big time and you’re going to regret ever seeing my eyes. Staring into your green eyes made me think, she means business. But you’re only 16! Oh and yes I know the whole you coming from the past thing. So actually I am going against a measly 12 year old.” said Debra, very intimidating.

 “You know, it’s sad the fact that you got beat by a measly 12 year old so I wouldn’t try again.” said Lucy. There was a loud noise in the back and Lucy looked back. Immediately she thought *That was stupid. Now I am a big target for Debra.* Debra wrapped her arms around Lucy and picked her up. Lucy kicked and hit. She felt something hard against her head and- she fell asleep. Lucy woke up. *Oww..* she thought. *Where am I? Am I in some sort of… prison? Oh no… I remember now. Debra.* Debra walked in without saying a word. Lucy didn’t say anything either. It was just silence. After about 5 minutes of silence Debra finally said “So why did you dare to stare into my eyes? The old lady told you not to.” 

“You were picking on an innocent man. He didn’t do anything. He was probably just thinking wow that ladies eyes are so pretty.” replied Lucy. 

¨I’m going to step away for a moment. I am going to get coffee. It’ll give you time to think about this huge mess you put yourself in.” said Debra standing up and walking away. Lucy heard a faint bark. 10 seconds later a dog ran in. It was Lucy’s favorite breed, a German Shepherd. The dog clawed at the ropes on Lucy.  “Hey boy, you’re cute.” He whined. “Hey.. Can you help me get out of these ropes?” Immediately the dog bit the ropes and Lucy got out of the tangles. The dog pointed to a clearing. Lucy ran for her life. The dog stayed by her side, not leaving her. He wouldn’t run faster nor slower. He ran the exact pace she ran. “Boy, the 27 laps I ran on the pacer really paid off didn’t it.” The dog looked at her and wagged his tail. “Say, where did you come from anyway boy? Do you even have an owner?” The dog looked straight into Lucy’s eyes. “You look hungry. I am hungry too. Let’s go get some food and I guess, you’re my dog now.” The dog jumped up and wagged his tail and let his tongue fall out of his mouth. Lucy could tell the dog was happy. They started walking. They went to the abandoned Loaf n Jug Lucy was staying at. She grabbed some dog food, some water, a gatorade, and a lunchable. “You know, I’m gonna call you Doug. Do you like that name boy?” asked Lucy. Doug wagged his tail. “Doug, I have to go back to the past soon. You can’t come with me… but I’ll be able to meet you in four years again! So I guess I better make it so you can stay safe. Ooh I know! Tom can keep you for me! Come on boy let’s go make it so that you’re a resident of Wyoming as well! So you don’t wander off into Colorado or Montana territory and get yourself killed.” Doug perked his ears up and they went to an abandoned pet store. It used to be a Petco but now it’s called Berrys Registered Animals. Lucy let Doug pick out his own collar. He chose a blue camouflage collar. Berry (the owner of the store) gave Lucy a badge that you iron on the collar. It said “Animal resident of Wyoming.” They ironed it on the collar. Lucy bought a tag and steamed the words Doug “Doug! You look so cute! Now all I have to do is find a way to get back to the past.” Just then Lucy remembered the lady who shoved her into the portal gave her a piece of paper. “Come on Doug! We have to get back to the Loaf n jug and fast!” They ran to the loaf n jug. Lucy grabbed a small sticky note. She also grabbed the card Tom gave her. Immediately she called Tom. “This is Tom.”

 “Tom it’s me Lucy, I need to ask you a favor!”

“What can I do for yuh Lucy?”

 “I met this stray dog, I named him Doug. I found out how to get to the past again! I need you to keep Doug for me, make sure he is safe!”

 “I reckon I can do that for ye. Alright, bring him over.”

 “Great thank you!”  –  “Come on Doug we gotta go!” For the last time Lucy and Doug ran beside each other. When they arrived at Tom’s house Lucy gave Doug a big hug. “I am going to miss you boy.” Doug licked her face. “Take care ye hear me Lucy?” said Tom.

 “You too, Tom.” Lucy read the instructions on how to get back. “To get back to the past, you must go from where you started. From where you were spit out of the portal. Then you must state the word I am (what your first middle and last name are) and I want to go home. Take me home. The portal shall open up. You must do this before nightfall!” Lucy ran to the place she was spit out. Tom and Doug followed. “I am Lucy Jewel Schroeder and I want to go home. Take me home!” she shouted. The portal opened. “Goodbye Tom! Goodbye Doug! I’ll see you- I mean meet you again in 4 years!” As she was entering the portal she heard Doug howling, and Tom saying “Good luck kiddo.” “AHHHH!” Lucy was spit out of the portal. She looked up. All of her family and friends were surrounding her. Her mom ran up to her and gave her the biggest hug. After all the hugs and cheering and horrays they had a big party for Lucy’s safe return. She looked over- the lab people slipped something in her mailbox. *Oh no, no no no..I am not going to open that…* TO BE CONTINUED!