Practice Makes Perfect?

Madeline Ansley Stowe, Staff Writer

We’ve all heard the saying “practice makes perfect” but does it really? When we practice, we do it to get better but does it really make us perfect? 

The first thing that came to mind was to ask some students in Mrs. Lamb’s Language Arts Extensions class. The question  asked was if they thought that practice makes perfect. All of them are involved in an activity that requires practice. 

Brayden Walden who plays soccer and basketball said, “yes, because it’s like school because you learn in school and get smarter and smarter”.  

Dylan Miner who plays basketball, football, and baseball said,  “no, because no one is perfect.” 

Landon Walker who plays football and basketball said, “no, because you can always do better than you did before.” 

Ryan Rose who is in the band said,  “no, because practice makes it permanent.” 

Tioga Bennett who competitively dances said, “yes, because it gives us time to improve our skills in whatever we are doing and to see what skills I have in this thing.” 

Amelia Bowden who does dance, cross country skis, and cross country runs said, “yes, because if you don’t practice at something you won’t get better.” Half believed practice doesn’t make perfect and the other half believed practice does make perfect. 

After interviewing some of the class the next thing to do was some research. On the site they said, “A Case Western Reserve University [in Cleveland Ohio] study claims that practice only accounts for 1 percent difference in individual performance”. They then continue on to tell you the specifics “In general, the study estimated that only 18% of why athletes perform better than others is due to practice. The other 82% can apparently be attributed to other reasons that were not specified.” The people who said “no” were proven right by this study. 

Practice may not make perfect but practice can definitely improve you and your capabilities.