How our school could improve?

How our school could improve?

Sarah Norcross, Staff Writer

In a survey students were asked what students and teachers could do to improve our school and what they would change. 

A common response to what teachers could do was that students would enjoy more games and interactive learning in class. An anonymous student said, “The more memorable my learning is the more I remember it.” This and many more students would like more engaging activities. 

Tioga Bennet stated, “I get bored very easily and I hope that the teachers are trying to keep the students engaged. [If they do,] they will have better results and they will actually enjoy the class.” Another response was that students would like to be able to have snacks in class. 

Students also had many things other students could do to improve their school. A few of them were: less PDA, not judge other people, and be engaged in their learning. Soren Olson said, “It is a very judgmental community.” He says that he isn’t sure how except to just be less judgmental and more accepting. Bennet also said, “I don’t think it is fair to judge other people because you don’t know what’s going on in their life. From their clothing to personality, always keep in mind that people come from different backgrounds. Just try your best to be respectful even if you think you know them really well.”

Lastly, students were asked if they felt like there was enough time for lunch or not. It was an exact 50/50 split. An anonymous student said, “I don’t have enough time to eat and talk to people. I like having more free time and lunch kind of rushes us.” According to another staff writer named Cash Delfonzo Tompkins, “I feel like we have plenty of time for lunch because not only me and my close friends are able to finish our lunches we also have excess time to hangout outside.”