Is Motocross a sport?


Hunter Schnepper, Staff Writer

Most people would say that motocross is an extreme sport, some say it isn’t a sport at all. So the question is, is motocross a sport? Most would believe that motocross is an extreme sport because it is such a highly competitive sport that requires a lot of skill and practice. The extreme sport even consists of different kinds of mot such as freestyle, enduro, and even ATV motocross.

Motocross is a super competitive racing sport where riders compete on all kinds of tracks. Motocross is not only about going against other racers since the racing itself holds its own huge obstacles to beat. Motocross had originally evolved in the United Kingdom at the beginning of the 1900’s from motorcycle trials competitions. These events had evolved into scrambles, the first ever scramble was held in 1924. Motocross is an extremely popular sport but it is also a very dangerous and hard sport. If you are wanting to get into the sport you should most likely start off at a young age, if that’s not possible start taking time to practice and improve your skill. Motocross is an extreme sport which requires you to have money to spend on all of the equipment needed. Equipment needed would be a bike, helmets, racing boots, clothing gear, and anything else you would want to help you advance in your skills and competition.

Is motocross physically tough like many other sports? Motocross is most definitely a physically tough sport. Motocross is definitely a physically tough sport because of all the ways you have to maneuver the bike and hold on to the bike when going over huge obstacles. You can’t say it isn’t a sport when it is shown to be one of the hardest. According to The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, “there are two often reported studies which have directly compared motocross riders to other athletes, one in 1979 by the National Athletic Institute and another in 2002 by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s (UMPC) Sports Performance Complex. Theites told me the testing began when the nation’s best motocross racers traveled to Pittsburgh for the Steel City Nationals (Round 12 of the U.S. Motocross championships) in Delmont Labor Day weekend in 2002, A battery of tests were performed on about a dozen riders.” The study showed comparisons between motocross and other sports and just showed how physical of a sport motocross is and how it is the most physical sport in the world.

Motocross is shown to be a very physically and mentally challenging racing sport, it is raced on regular terrain with many obstacles made by man. Even though the bike does a lot of the work for the rider you must have a lot of strength and have a high mentality to stay on the super heavy machine. Stefan Everts (10 times World Champion) says, “ motocross is one of the most fun extreme sports but requires a lot of skill, endurance, and takes a lot of dedication”. Motocross is a very mental sport and requires a lot of skill.This shows that motocross has pretty much everything any other sport requires to be a sport and is one of the most extreme.

Overall, motocross is very hard as well as a very extreme physical sport. This is shown throughout all of the mental and physical strength it takes as well as all of the power and endurance the extreme sport takes. It is an overall amazing and fun sport that is very intricate and many people agree with this including Centennial classmates.