Alternative Energy For Our Future


Edward Valdez, Staff Writer

Alternative energy is going to be a huge factor in deciding our future. Some examples of alternative energy are fuel cells, solar energy, and hydroelectric energy. This Alternative energy is so important to our future scientist have already spent millions of dollars on researching the different types of alternative energy and how to utilize it.

  Fuel cell energy is the energy that has been created from hydrogen and oxygen cells after the water has been separated into two different molecules. We mostly use the fuel cells to power automobiles and right now only automobiles, but some people believe that we can use these power cells more efficiently in our everyday lives.

 Some believe that before we try to advance the technology even more we need to decide whether or not the fuel cells can work on things other than busses or cars, that’s why people believe we need to start a little closer to home. Our first experiment should be to use the fuel cells in a machine a little like an automobile like a lawnmower. If we first use it on a lawnmower it would be easier because lawnmowers are a little like automobiles and we would be able to test if it will actually work on things other than automobiles on something like an automobile. 

After we determine that fuel cells actually work on things other than cars and other automobiles we should try to condense that technology into a battery so we can use it in our home appliances like toasters, microwaves, coffee machines, etc. If we can somehow condense that technology into a battery then it shows all the things we can do with the technology in the future. In the future, we could have an economy based on alternative energy sources so we don’t have to hurt the environment even more than we are currently. Energy is going to cost more in the future if we don’t change the way we think about it. That is why in order to change the way we think about energy, we need to take risks, we need to do things that we won’t think about on our own. We need to take a leap of faith and trust that the things we invent can help us in the long run. Instead of staying where we are good at we need to find something we are great at.

Solar energy is the energy that has been collected from the sun’s rays. In total solar energy has made enough electricity to power 16 million homes. Solar energy might just be the greatest alternative energy we have had over the years and has created the biggest impact.

In the world we only have one unlimited resource. The sun’s light is never ending and if we can learn to capture that energy with max efficiency our technology will skyrocket.     

Hydroelectric energy is energy that has been collected from the flow of water. Hydroelectric energy is actually so popular most of Canada is powered by it. Hydroelectric energy is so easy to get because all you need is a steady flow of water and something to contain all that energy. Most hydroelectric energy collectors are actually dams. Dams collect the energy from the flow of water using turbines inside of the dam. We should all trust in hydroelectric power to supply us with electricity someday

This is why alternative energy is going to become a huge part of us and our culture in the upcoming future. With the power of fuel cells, solar energy, and hydroelectric energy we can make this world a better place and as a byproduct we can even fix pollution.