Where are you going for spring break?


Harper Klinger, Staff Writer

Spring Break is a popular time for Americans to travel. According to Travel Market.com, “Every year, approximately 1.5 million students engage in Spring Break travel,” said Lauren Volcheff Atlass.” There are many destinations that Americans love to travel too. Some people like to stay in town or just like to travel the state, but others take the opportunity to travel around the world! The most popular places around the United States to travel to during Spring Break are many places in the Caribbean, Miami Beach, and South Padre Island. 

Centennial Junior High School’s 8th grade students were surveyed on where they are going to go for spring break. Of the 15 surveyed, four surveyed they were staying in town. 0 said they were just traveling around Wyoming. 7 said they were going out of state, and 3 surveyed they do not know where they are going for Spring Break. 

Amelia Bowden stated, “ This year me and my family decided to go to Moab, Utah with our camper. We are going to see the national parks and camp. We are also going zip-lining and swimming and getting to see all of the national parks that are in Utah, and all around that state.”  

Sarah Norcross mentioned, “ I am going to stay in town, and some of my familia might come down from Utah and spend some time with my familia and I. I think that it will be pretty fun.” 

According to Tioga Bennett, “ I think i might be going to Billings, Montana, and I am going to spend some time outside and maybe go on some hikes.” 

Miranda Yakel said, “ I am going to go somewhere in Georgia, and I am meeting my grandparents that live in Chicago.”

Many people in Spring Break like to visit family or have family come visit. Clearly many people like to stay close to home for Spring Break or stay in town.