What To Do With Your Mask When Covid is Over.

Owen Putnam, Staff Writer

We all have to wear these uncomfortable masks all of the time. The real question is what are you going to do with it when the Covid-19 quarantine style living is over? Just like the Spanish Flu, I assume that this is going to blow over soon, and the mask mandate will be lifted.

When the quarantine lifestyle is over will you burn your mask at the stake, or preserve it in a frame on your wall. Hayden Mayfield says that when Covid is over he is going to sew all of his masks into a nice hat. Now that is a great way to use masks. 

When Tristyn Buss was asked, before the question was even completed, she said, “Burn it.” No other words just burn it.

Ryan (last name anonymous) says that when the mask mandate is over, he will take his mask and rob a bank so that nobody can know his identity. Not sure to be scared or concerned, but he’ll figure it out. 

Soren Olson says that he is going to perform a viking funeral ceremony and put his mask on a random rich guy’s boat and light it on fire crying as he watches it die. Now that is a way to part with a mask.

Every kid has to wear their annoying masks, but the real show of creativity and character is what you do with it when they are no longer needed.

An anonymous student at Centennial says that she is going to tie-dye her masks and donate them to the poor and homeless. This shows that she is nice and artsy. On the other hand, Tristyn says that she will burn it, so based on this response, you could assume that she is ambitious and desiring.

There are many different things you can do with your masks. I encourage you to post on social media what you are going to do with your mask.