Why the Euphonium is the best instrument…

Why the Euphonium is the best instrument...

Ryan Rose, Staff Writer

There are many instruments in the musical world. Many from different cultures, countries, and continents. There are over 1500 instruments in the world. But which one is the best? Well I pitch that the euphonium has to be the best instrument.

The Euphonium is an extraordinary instrument. The euphonium or euph is the best for many reasons. First, the euph has such an amazing sound, It’s clean and crisp and just calls for crescendos every whole note. The instrument can also have alternate valves. The original combination of valves are three on the top. But it can also have four on top or can extra where you place your other supporting hand. These valves can replace complicated valve combinations. For example to play C in the staff the valve combination is 1 and 3 but with the four valve is replaced with just 4. This is beneficial because having more than one valve pressed down at a time can result in error.

 The euphonium is also a rarer instrument than most. This is great because bands want as many instruments they can. But with an instrument like the trumpet and so many people auditioning for a band many will get cut. But with the euph not as many people will audition so you have a higher chance of getting in a band. 

Think of a famous trumpet player. People like Louis Armstong come to mind, Miles Davis, Lee Morgan. But I bet you can’t name a single famous professional euphonium player. Take college for example, you can get a band scholarship meaning you can go to school for free and when you put yourself out there with a rarer instrument, plus you being good, every college in the US will want you. Free scholarship, free college, free money. This is why the euphonium is the best instrument out there.