My perspective on the dress code as a student 


Abigail George , Staff Writer

This year, students at Centennial disagree with the dress code because many believe it is sexist and it’s not enforced equally among all students as well as not accurate.

The reason the dress code is sexist is that there is only one part that really applies to the boys and the rest mainly apply to the girls which Is understandable because boys wear less non-appropriate clothing than girls, but still, there are a few things that should be added on to the dress code for boys. For example, super tight shorts to the point where you can see their undergarments. 

Why is the dress code not enforced equally among all female students? The answer to that we will never know or understand. One example of how the dress code is not enforced equally among female students is, one group of girls can wear booty shorts or super tight skirts and tube tops and still get away with it, but then another group will wear crop tops or shirts that don’t quite cover their bottoms and leggings will dress coded all the time. 

Another way that the dress code is not enforced equally is when some will be wearing a semi short t-shirt and when they raise their arms it barely shows their stomach and gets dress coded while, another girl will be wearing a super short shirt to wear you can naturally see their stomach and leggings not ever get dress coded or get told to cover up.

Another reason to show that the dress code is sexist is that the past few sentences have described how unequally the dress code is but it was only about girls because that is all that the dress code mainly has, clothing that girls wear and the way they dress. That is my article on how the dress code is sexist and not enforced equally among students.

Centennial 8th grader Amara Apicelli states that tank tops should be taken off the dress code because shoulders are not distracting, as well as that crop tops should be allowed as long as not too much stomach is showing. Also that fishnets should be added to the dress code.

Centennial 8th grader Hannah Music agrees with Amara on crop tops and tank tops but also adds that short shorts should also be allowed as long as not too much of girls’ bottoms show.