Will Centennial Have a Golf Team This Year?


Blake McKenna, Staff Writer

Is Centennial going to have enough people to have a team this year? Last year we had mostly eighth graders and that was about it. This year I am thinking that there won’t be enough people to go to tournaments. Or if the coaches will even want to coach. Also if we go to tournaments it might not be fair because other schools might have a lot more players that are better. 

I hope more kids sign up for golf because it’s good practice and practices are super fun! There are some really fun drills that we do and fun games. Tournaments are fun because you get to go to courses you haven’t played before and it’s just fun. You won’t get cut from any tournament until the state tournament. If not many people play you might not get cut anyways. 

Hudson Keller says “I’ll play and I think there will be enough people to have a team.” 

If there are enough people for the team it’s going to be small unless 6th grade is allowed to play. Last year there were around 23 players, but only around seven were 7th graders and the rest were 8th graders so hopefully 6th graders are allowed to play and they actually come out for the team.

But even if there aren’t a lot of players, the coaches should coach because it will be more one-on-one coaching which would also be nice because it will help the players that need the help with their swing. Also the one-on-one is a great way to learn the coaches and have a great adult to trust. 

So there are some pros and cons of having a small golf team but the school should definitely encourage more people to play, maybe add more tournaments or something like that to encourage more kids to participate.