Period Product Problem


Kayenta Bennett, Staff Writer

A debated topic that has affected multiple middle and high school girls is the placement of period products. It has been confirmed that multiple schools have attempted this project and a majority have failed. This subject has been investigated before, the Principal of Centennial Jr. High School Brian Donner states that “We checked with all of the other schools to see what were the pros and cons of it, and all of them have stopped offering them because they were getting flushed down the toilet and umm being used to vandalize further.” He carries on about his past experience in trying to find a way that could be both sanitary and convenient for the female students. Unfortunately he was unsuccessful and continued to put the period products in the nurse’s office. 

Another school in the Casper Wyoming community had put period products in the bathroom. Kelly Walsh high school had put vendors in the bathrooms and each product costs 50cents. I have been informed by Brian Donner that Kelly Walsh no longer has period products in the vendings. I am not currently aware of why. The question of if we should have period products in middle school bathrooms has been asked to various students. Shayde Putney had a valid opinion of “Yes.” 

Other students had gone a bit into detail with their answers. “I think that’s a good idea and like there might be people too immature to have them in the bathroom but it’s embarrassing when you have to go to the nurse because you bleed through your pants.” states Jenifer Lainez. Adding on to Jenifer’s point from personal experience, this does happen and it can be quite difficult to just go up to the nurse and ask while there are other people in the office. 

The question had also been asked to a former member of the student council of Centennial Jr. High, Tioga Bennett. She has a fairly strong opinion on this matter. Bennett and the student council had also approached this matter to Brian Donner but had failed to convince him. Tioga Bennett states that, “this doesn’t just like affect one school, it could change a ton of schools.” Looking at Tioga’s attitude toward this issue it was a positive one which is something that a good majority of schools should look at. This could not only affect Centennial Jr. high school. If the students and Donner could find a way that works for both custodial staff and females in the school, then this could have a positive reaction on other districts. 

Donner also says that, “I do think it’s worth investigating.” By that he means to find other schools that have dealt with this problem and take advice from their solutions. Listening to the thoughts of other students and their own stories, it does seem to be a matter that is worth looking into. As a female and a student I believe that we need to stand together and find a solution to the issue at hand.