Lack of Opportunity for Language Learning in School


Ryan Bressler, Staff Writer

School provides extremely limited options for students who want to study a different language and that should change immediately. Centennial Middle School teaches and provides information for only one language and that is Spanish. Spanish is the third most used language in the world so it may be necessary in the future to learn.

However, many languages are growing throughout the world and it is also going to be necessary for students to understand and comprehend the different languages and cultures throughout the world. For example, Mandarin is the second most common language in the world and is continuing to spread and grow in numbers throughout the world and yet our school is only teaching one language.

 Not only is it necessary to understand different languages but many students are interested in traveling and learning different languages. Our school not teaching different languages and cultures is limiting the future possibilities for young students. Now the real question is why isn’t the school already teaching multiple languages? Well, that is because Spanish is the second most spoken language within America.         

However, I think that instead of assuming that most students will stay in America their whole life I think it is much better to do a survey and have the students decide which language will be most helpful in their future. Many people in school including myself wish to learn a different language and question as to why we do not have more languages available to us.

Many parents even wish for their kids to learn more than one language, and if there are other schools out there that offer more than one other language then fewer and fewer kids will attend Centennial. Also, If parents cannot find a school with a different language they may have to do other activities outside of school or even be homeschooled. Not only does that put extreme stress on the child but it also puts stress on the parents.

If the school cannot provide more languages or be more understanding of students’ situations concerning other languages then I believe that there may be serious issues in the future.