Devious Licks – Funny or Stupid? 


Cameron Ritchie, Staff Writer

There is a new threat facing schools this September – devious licks. This is a trend where students steal school property and boast about their devious licks for notoriety on social media platforms. The most common platform students have used for devious licks is TikTok. The trend started in September by a user of TikTok named @jugg4elias. The user shared a video on September 1st of him pulling out a box of disposable masks with the caption “month into school absolutely devious lick. Should’ve brought a mask from home.” The video had over 239,000 views in a week and more than 175 million views overall. Since then, the trend has spread nationwide. 

Students are stealing a wide range of supplies. Examples include small items, such as soap dispensers and hand sanitizer, to larger items such as water fountains and toilet seats, to items that are dangerous to lose, such as fire alarms. There have also been some instances of students just vandalizing bathrooms. Students have broken bathroom stalls and torn out ceiling tiles. 

How is this impacting our community in Casper? Here is what some 8th grade students at Centennial Junior High said “its stupid.” Another thinks  “Its kinda stupid, but it’s funny” 

“I think it’s stupid because, well, its like just disrespecting others of what you’re destroying and taking,.” according to a third anonymous 8th grader.

“I believe it actually kinda cringe, because people will destroy the school just for clout.” according to 8th grader, Ryan Bressler.  

“Its pretty funny and stupid because I get to see other people get in trouble for doing something stupid, so it stupid and funny” according to a final anonymous student. 

Many students at Centennial Junior High have different opinions of some believing that it’s funny while others believe it to be stupid. Some believe it to be funny because of how they’re able to see the end result of people getting in trouble. 

The reason a lot of people believe it’s stupid is because of people tarnishing the school, getting in trouble, and getting little to no notoriety that you get for doing it. You also suffer from the severe consequences of your actions. An anonymous “devious licker” says “I had to go to SSSL (safe student suspension lab) for five days, I had to be grounded for six months too.” In all of the answers so far it is seeming to be that “devious licking” is looked down upon and is considered stupid and unnecessary. 

Some students are now even facing criminal charges. For example, nine students were arrested in Florida and eight students in Kentucky were arrested for vandalizing school bathrooms. TikTok has since banned videos about this viral challenge in an effort to stop the challenge from spreading. 

School districts across the country are urging parents to intervene, making sure children know right from wrong, fad from fact. Some teachers are also challenging students to post videos of them doing good things. Social media has the power to spread trends around the nation, even the world. It is up to its users to promote bad or good behavior.