Elective Descriptions From a Student’s POV


Halli Harvey, Staff Writer

At Centennial Junior High school, there are many different electives students can take, but which ones do they want to take? 

First off are the musical classes. We have Orchestra, Band, Choir, Guitar, and Exploring music. If you are interested in playing the Violin, Viola, Cello, or Bass, Orchestra is for you! Band has a variety of instruments from the Flute to the Tuba! If you like to sing, Choir is for you! Wanna learn Guitar? We have a class to learn. Exploring music teaches you about the different musical instruments and you might even get to play some!

Like building things? Wood shop and Metal tech are all about that. Wood shop is all about building things with wood. Metal tech is making things with metal and bending it to make projects. Both of these classes are fun and get to do different things.

Now we are gonna get into the classes you have to take. For 8th graders you have to take Destination Imagination aka DI. DI is a class that you have to build in. DI is about different things. You have to make a skit out of certain objectives. Another class is Career Pathways. This class is about the different careers you can go in. Some of the careers you can try out are nursing, forensics, and engineering. There are many more choices, but those are just a few examples. Another class would be Journalism. Journalism is a class where you write articles similar to the news. This class has articles that go into the school website also! 

If you are having troubles in a certain class, tutoring might be required. It takes up a period and teachers just help you with what you are struggling with. There is also Office aid which is running errands or notes around the building. They also complete different tasks, help out in the library, or somewhere else in the building. 

Here are the last few electives that you can take. We have a Cooking class aka Foods. Foods is fun if you like cooking and want to learn something new to make. Next we have Spanish, if you like the language, take the class and try it out! Then we have Digital Environment. Digital Environment is a photoshop class and you create different designs on a computer. 

All of these classes are fun to take, try some out for yourself! If you like any of these classes, you can take them again the next year, if not, you don’t need to. Have fun trying out electives to take!