“Teachers Opinion on Their Dress Code”

Sophia Yates, Staff Writer

You probably have a strong opinion on the student dress code at Centennial, much like everyone else. However, have you ever thought of what the teachers are required to wear and how they feel about it? I have interviewed several students and teachers. Here you can see from the teacher’s point of view.

The students think that the teachers should be able to come to school in whatever clothes they would like. Shannon Baragar agrees with the students, but said “They should still set an example.” When asked what they would change about the dress code, Karsten Davies said she would “…make it more laid back” and that it wouldn’t necessarily need to be super professional.

When I asked a couple of the teachers their opinion on the matter, most of them said the same thing. Mrs. Billings thinks that it is important teachers have the same dress code as students, but it is necessary to be able to differentiate the students and teachers.  Mrs. Lamb says the dress code is more like a “professional guideline”. She isn’t opposed to the dress code and it is a lot like the student’s dress code. All the teachers agreed that it wasn’t too bad and there isn’t much they would change about it, except for how many times they get to wear jeans each week. The teachers think jeans can be comfortable and still look professional as long as they don’t have holes and aren’t too distracting.