Halloween Favorites


Hailey Kimbal, Staff Writer

Do you like to celebrate Halloween? Do you decorate your house or go trick or treating with friends? Personally, I love Halloween. It’s one of my most favorite holidays, candy, the sweet costumes, and the late night horror movies.  

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” is the best Halloween movie because it is just really entertaining. There are a lot of great Halloween movies but according to one other person their favorite movie series is “Halloween.” She said that  she likes it because there is a lot of suspense and she likes the jump scare scenes.

Halloween costumes are a necessity to go trick or treating. The most popular costumes in the last few years are blow up costumes, clowns, witches, and for couples Bonnie and Clyde or angels and demons. 

Also when you go trick or treating from my experience the most popular candy is Reese’s or Tootsie Rolls, but my favorite is sour candy. Where you go to Trick or treat is a big part of the fun too, but the best place to trick or treat is in the “rich” neighborhoods. This is because most people that live in those areas give out king sizes!

One of the best parts of Halloween is the horror.  A way to have fun is to go to one of the haunted houses that people set up. This is so much fun because of all of the jumpscares. Also if your town doesn’t have any around you could either throw one of your own and advertise it or you could just dress up and scare your friends, family or even random people.

Corn mazes and pumpkin patches are also so much fun, you get to pick your own pumpkin to carve and go through the corn maze. Sometimes there are scary corn mazes which are also very fun and thrilling. Carving pumpkins is also a pretty fun activity to do with your family and friends. But you want to do it around a week before halloween because the pumpkins will start rotting.

Just make sure to go have fun celebrating the holiday festivities.