Centennial Junior High School Students Favorite Shoe


Centennial 8th grader Brayden Douglas looking thrilled to be holding a Hey Dude shoe.

Hudson Keller, Staff Writer

The students of Centennial have many different opinions of their favorite shoe. Most people like Jordans.  Dudes were also popular and so were Converse. The least favorite was Vans by only one vote. 

Jordans have many different types of shoes. They have up to 26 different types of Jordans. The most popular are the Jordan 1, Jordan 3, Jordan 4, and Jordan 11. Jordans are named after Michael Jordan and he designed all of his shoes. They are very popular now and a lot of people like them. A lot of middle and high school students wear Jordans to school. They think Jordans look really good and make them have good style. Some people do not like Jordans as much because they are expensive and people don’t want to pay as much for a shoe. 

Jonah likes Jordan a lot, he said, “Jordans are very comfortable and they look cool.” 

Dudes are also popular. Étienne de Silhouette is the creator of Dudes. A lot of people like Dudes because they are really comfortable. 

Braden Douglas’s favorite shoe is Dudes, he said “they are really comfortable and they look nice too.” 

Converse are a popular shoe according to the Centennial students. Some kids chose them because they look nice and they match with a lot of stuff. 

Abigail George said she likes Converse a lot, she said “Converse go with everything and they aren’t super expensive like Jordans are.” 

Presley Pruitt said, “Converse match with everything and it makes it easier to pick out an outfit.”

Crocs are popular because they are comfortable. There are a lot of different colors for crocs. Crocs are a very popular sandal that a lot of junior high kids wear to school. A lot of high school and elementary schoolers wear these shoes too. 

Ethan Hague told me, “I like crocs because they are very comfortable.”