Teen Love, gross or sweet?


Hailey Kimbal, Staff Writer

Teenage love, should it exist or not? We talked to teachers and students and found out their opinions. With a lot of the adults, they said that it is gross. When asked why Mr. Bates said,  “Should not exist because they are too young to understand what they are getting themselves into and in his household no relationships until after highschool.” But another teacher, Miss Sommers said,” I think that it is 100% sweet but you also need to be aware that it isn’t real and not to get too attached.” But she thinks this because she was a teenager at one point in time and understands that kids will be kids and you still have to be responsible. 

When we asked students we asked all different grades, sixth grade boys said it was gross but the girls said that they wanted a boyfriend or already had one. The seventh graders said that they wished they had a girlfriend or boyfriend or already had one and the eighth graders said that they wished they had a relationship. But in my opinion, if you’re in a teenage relationship you should be responsible and still focus on your school work. 

A few more people that we interviewed like Mr. Marvel, Mrs. Jensen and Mrs. Dow said that it shouldn’t exist and that it is too distracting to be in a relationship at this age because you can’t keep it off your mind. One student that we asked, Aunnika, said that love at this age is a lie and be careful who you trust with certain things. Also, make sure not to take it too seriously because you don’t want to get too hurt. Teen love is something that is very important to a lot of people because it is a start to the real thing and you need to be aware of what you are going to experience in the future. But in a relationship you need to make sure that you are keeping it safe just like if you were an adult, be careful about what you trust people with even though you think that you love them because if you were to break up the they might expose you and keep things responsible.