The Journalism Process

Sophia Yates, Staff Writer

Here at Centennial Middle School we have an interesting eighth grade class where we get to study Journalism and the process of it all. I spent a couple weeks in October of 2021 to get some good pictures of what this looks like.

Pictured left is the very first part of the process in writing. Writing includes brainstorming, outlining, drafting, writing, and editing. This student (Hannah Music) is writing on a half piece of paper documenting what she will be writing about and other important information on her topic.

This is the next step in the writing (photo right) where the students type up the article and make any revisions they would like. Some examples of what the students could write about are: Dress Code, Surveys that other students took, your opinion on something, and many more things. The people in this picture are Ivory Carlson, Karsten Davies, and Regan Holmes.

For the students’ article, they need a picture or two to go along with what they are writing about. This helps give the reader a visual so what they are writing about makes more sense and is more interesting. Pictured left is Kyah Burrer, 8th grader, taking pictures for her assignment in Journalism

Now, if neither writing or taking pictures interests you, students have the option to do a more creative option such as a podcast.For example, in this picture (right) Asa Limmer and Colton Rieker have their own podcast called “Top 10 Book Series” talking about the best book series.

Below is what the final product looks like on Centennial’s school newspaper website. As you can see, the picture that is submitted and the title of the article is what’s visible.