Kelly Walsh Volleyball

Madi Cochran, Staff Writer

Kelly Walsh High school has five awesome volleyball teams, freshman B, freshman A, sophomores, junior varsity, and varsity. Kelly is the best high school in Casper, Wyoming for volleyball, they have amazing coaching, they offer camps, and they have super exciting and student involved games. Kelly Walsh had amazing coaching, and data from the school shows that all seniors who participate in 1 school sport during their senior year have a 98% graduation rate compared to the district rate of 84% graduation rate, according to the Kelly Walsh High School website.  

At almost every Kelly Walsh volleyball game they have a very enthusiastic student section where they cheer on the players. Every game the student section has a different theme, and they bring lots of joy and excitement to the games. The varsity volleyball team won the 2021 VolleyBowl in 5 crazy sets, and this is the first time either school has won the VolleyBowl 5 years in a row since it began in the mid 90’s. 

I asked Mrs. Lamb what she thought about the KW volleyball teams, “I absolutely love the program, Barkel was one of my very first coaches ever. The program itself is obviously successful, they’ve won many years. But more importantly they produce amazing people.” Mrs. Lamb is also a coach at Kelly and absolutely loves the teams. Her statement, “…they produce amazing people..” shows that KW’s volleyball program is much more than winning or skill level but the fact that they produce good people who are respectful, talented, and astonishing.  

Kelly Walsh does camps every summer and these are a great learning experience. From personal experience at the Kelly Walsh camps, they are great. They have girls from varsity/JV help during these camps. This most recent summer when I went was an awesome experience, in the 3 days it was held I learned so much and got to see so much playing. 

Overall Kelly Walsh volleyball is so wonderful with amazing student energy, extraordinary coaching, and  great learning experiences.