Mikayla Weese, Staff Writer

In Centennial Junior High School Mrs. Lamb’s journalism class on a school day is a really fun class to take.It’s all about letting the world know about what is going on in the world.” (The importance of journalism)

Journalism in Centennial is also very important because it lets our students and staff know what activities and problems are going on around the school. The importance of journalism is to inform society with the important information needed in our lives and to help make decisions about many different things. Journalism is a great skill to improve kids’ writing skills. (google)

About 14% of the world’s population kids above 16 have trouble with reading and writing. You need journalism to inform people about what’s happening around the world. Basically everyone is into journalism. You need it for the news, the radio, newspaper, and anything on TV. 

Journalism is really important because “Though it may be interesting or even entertaining, the foremost value of news is as a utility to empower the informed. The purpose of journalism is thus to provide citizens with the information they need to make the best possible decisions about their lives, their communities, their societies, and their governments.”  “Without journalism, the world would be ignorant. Journalism is important because it gives current and relevant information and news to the public.” (google) 

Journalism in my opinion is a really fun thing to do because you get to write about things around the world! You get to write about anything going on in schools, on tv, a play, the news, and anything else. I asked three people what their favorite thing is about journalism.

 Elliott says “I like to write about the topic in our own words.” 

Jordynn says “I like to write so journalism is a good match.” 

Irelyn says “Its fun because i get to be with my friends and write.”