Students Play Games During School

(Acceptable or Not Acceptable)


Jordynn Scott, Staff Writer

Kids during school district wide are playing games on computers during school hours. Some games kids play include slope, Mario Brothers, cool math games, Jigsaw puzzles,, Havana 24, Brainzilla, Prodigy, ABCya, and many more. These games have been distracting many students and preventing them from learning. 

During class, students of all ages ranging from K-12 are playing games on their devices while their teachers are teaching necessary lessons. This can drop their grade, and encourage bad behavior and habits. If they don’t get their work done they will fail classes. 

Administrators and principals have been using GoGuardian for a couple weeks and they love it, Students on the other hand don’t. Teachers have the ability to close and tabs, lock screens, and chat with you to get you on track. It is very helpful for getting students on track again.

Students play games on computers for many reasons, some reasons why are they know the lesson already, they are bored, they don’t like their classes, they like the games that are offered. I interviewed someone in 4th grade at summit elementary school, she said “Games are fun and I like to play them.” She said most of them are blocked and it makes a lot of people mad. 

My opinion on students K-12 playing games during school is that they should pay attention and focus because it makes tests easier and helps them in the long run. School is very important and I think computers should not be used and everything should be paper pencil. Paper pencil is better because it improves handwriting and is better for you. Computers are bad for your brain.

Teachers should encourage students to not play computer games and pay attention to lessons and the work needed for students to be successful in life.