School Issues

Kinley Porter, Staff Writer

We, as students and teachers, all know that school systems are generally messy places. While no place is perfect, schools should be asking students for suggestions to make their organization better. I think the three major issues that need to be addressed are bullying, dress code, and phone usage.

Students seem to have very differing opinions on every one of these issues. Students say that fairness is a very big point of tension. They ask to give girls allowance to wear more of what they want, and, in turn, make the boys follow more rules. They say that staff and school districts should allow people to wear what they want. On the other hand, some students say that to enforce the code, we should be punished thoroughly if we break it. Other students are in the middle. They don’t want to change the dress code because the kids that don’t follow it won’t follow it anyway. One student says, “they are gonna wear what they want, knowing that it breaks the dress code.” 

Bullying is a large problem in every school around the world. Students say that blue sheets should be used more seriously. Though others say that they don’t do much. Some students even suggested a day in ISS if caught being mean to their peers. Overall, everyone suggests that the schools take these matters much more seriously. It is also said that students should be able to stand up for themselves and those around them. Sometimes students can get in trouble by doing this; that should be changed. 

Another problem that arises in school districts is technology usage. Students had many different opinions on how to reign in the misuse of technology in schools. Some students say to put everyone’s phones in the front of the classroom with their names on them. Others say that teachers should stop assuming that students are always on their phones. It is also a popular opinion that students shouldn’t have to regulate their technology. Kids also say that pink slips do not work, therefore shouldn’t be used at all.