School Electives

Kyan Sims, Staff Writer

We have many variances of electives in the school but in my opinion, there is one that really stands out.  The elective is Metal Shop and I really think everybody should take the class if they get a chance. I have been in Metal Shop all three years I have been in his class and it has been the best elective. The first year you are in his class you will learn the basic safety guidelines and then you will make/build small projects the more you fail in his class the more you will succeed in life.

 The next year you will learn how to use the computers and how to code, sometimes you will work on how to find jobs and how much you will get paid in the job.

In eighth grade, you will learn how to make projects with metal. You will also learn how to use a plasma cutter to make cool projects out of metal.

When you are in his class he will like you if you do what you are supposed to do. If you are bad in his class he will not put up with it and he will send you out right away. When you think about the centennial spirit and the urge to do something that really gives you the excitement I think of his class and all of the things that he lives by.

 In my opinion, his class is the class that everyone should think about taking as you are going into middle school. I would also like to say that he is super laid back and will let you come in before and after school if the time provides. In the past two years, I really haven’t liked many of the other electives but Mr. Marchant’s class is one of the only classes that I am excited to go to.