Should Schools in Natrona County Get Community Service?


Paittyn Houck, Staff Writer

Should school students in Natrona get community service? I believe kids in any of the Natrona County schools should now be involved in activities such as Community Service. Community Service helps provide a good healthy environment for people to live in and make people a better person. 

Many schools are losing employees like janitors and they are offering kids to stay after school and help out a bit and they will pay them. Doing this is not only helping the environment but it is teaching students good leadership skills. This could also happen with kids that have a lot of free time on their hands, so they have something to do with all their time. It might even help you get into a college, these things can get put on your record and some colleges look for things like community service. 

Making community service necessary in schools allows them to help students become more educated and how they can help others and the impact they can have. Having students participate in something like this can help them notice how others might need help in their own community. In the news, kids can see and hear how families are struggling but they may never realize that there are families in their own neighborhoods that are going through the same thing. If students do this, this gives them a hands-on activity at an early age about how they can improve society and the lives of others. And by making this an option it could really help kids who are in big trouble with schools learn some morals and learn how to be a good citizen.

 In conclusion, I believe students will learn a lot through community service. Most kids nowadays have problems with depression and use this as a time to get out and interact with people instead of sitting in the dark doing nothing. Leadership is a big thing in community service and by doing this we can make the most successful and healthy community.